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  1. Thats it though, there was very little pace but we didnt need it cause we played the long ball. Obertan really is shite like but every time hes on the verge of being dropped he goes and gets an assist or something which gets him another few starts, all he can offer is pace and its not really a good enough reason a have someone in the team. When's Marveuax and Guthrie back?
  2. someone on here yesterday was saying Pardew should be playing the passing game we were start of the season and not the direct game we have been recently, worked a treat playing direct last night even though I'm not a great fan of playing that way. I think having players in their natural positions also helped, Santon left back allowed Jonas to get down the left more and Ryan Taylor in a more familiar position. The way they all played last night you wouldnt change that side for the next match but then there's the african nations cup which throws a bit of a spanner in the works, Tiote could be re
  3. Aye hes pretty annoying, first thing I heard this morning, was wondering if anyone else had heard it from any other sources. It is more than likely bullshit cause i cant find anything on the internet about it.
  4. I was listening to talksport this morning and Alan Brazil mentioned a possible takeover at Newcastle, there wasnt much more said other than Mike Ashley made of found a buyer. Has anyone heard anything else about it?
  5. No Newcastle fans going to give up their ticket without a good offer though are they, willing to pay 150 quid if anyone will sell
  6. Looking to buy 1 or 2 tickets for the Newcastle end for Saturday's game, willing to pay over 100 pound for one, can pick up on evenings
  7. A would like to see Maiga come he might turn out brilliant but I would of liked to see us sign some players with experience in this league, I think it's a bit of a risk bringing a lot of players out the French league and I hope I'm wrong.
  8. Maybes the French league is a good standard but bringing in a young striker into the premier league is a whole different ball game. Striker n central midfielder for me are the toughest positions to cone into the prem and make an impact, say we bring this maiga in and everyones saying oh he's guna be great, then takes him 10 games or so to find his feet and start scoring goals, we need someone to come in and score goals straight away. I agree that this Maiga will probably be better than what we've already got but I hear his valuation ain't cheap, so you have to think can you get Odemwingie or s
  9. Dont know who this maiga is who we are trying to sign but surely bringing a young inexperienced forward from the French league isn't the answer, we need someone proven who can play in the premier league and score goals straight away, whoever we sign I think it's getting to stage of the season were we'll panic and pay over the odds. My self I would like to see us sign Peter Odemwingie he's been brilliant in a fairly poor west broom side and scoring goals, and I think he's a realistic target for the club even though spurs are in for him I've heard. Niklas Bendtner I keep hearing mentioned and th
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