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  1. Player power is key for this move ever to to be made. That much is certain. Andy Carroll will have to be pro-active in making it happen. If it were purely down to Liverpool & Newcastle to thrash out a deal between themselves, it wouldn't happen. We're the last club Liverpool would choose to sell Andy to as it would make them look more than a little silly. They would much rather ship him off to an Aston Villa or a West Ham or even an AC Milan (good luck with Mandy) just to save face if nothing else. Also from NUFC's point of view, there is no chance of us paying anything over £15million or
  2. well imagine how many games he will start next season if he stayed. Every league cup, early FA Cup and some Euro games. Plus like i said, you could argue in the 4-3-3 system, he could actually be a starter sitting alongside Tiote. He's making a mistake.
  3. I dont get what Guthries thinking is. He wont get to play for a club as big as us ever again and being 3rd choice isnt bad. Plus if we stick to the 4-3-3 next season, you could argue that he is actually in the first team, or at least worthy. Stupid boy.
  4. When the Swansea manager turns down the chance to go to Liverpool....you know they're a joke.
  5. I'm absolutey devastated. Theres going to be a lot less laughs next season
  7. Man City may have won the title in the most dramatic style you have ever seen and have proven that they are the best team in the division, but looking at this season as a whole, it's got to be said that using a boxing analogy, Newcastle United are the Pound 4 Pound kings in the Premier League. Citeh have spent a £1billion, that's ONE BILLION, in creating the title winning squad over the past 4 years. Within that same period, NUFC have been relegated and have a net spend of -£30million. So we have been selling where other teams have been spending. To finish 5th in the league is one of the m
  8. Several words describe this signing; Unbelievable, Brilliant, Ambitious, Surprising, Suspicious. Unbelievable: This kid is a genuine wonderkid of European football. He has been dubbed the new Maldini and could genuinely step into any Serie A club he wished, including most European giants. Brilliant: We obviously need a left back so to replace the wantaway Enrique with a player with the potential to be better than him, for a lesser fee, is truly incredible. He can also play at right back so Simpson better start upping his game because Raylor is on fire. Ambitious: This signing sends
  9. davidsedgwickNE David Sedgwick via Twitter spoken to Barton, says he's talking to QPR as #NUFC dont want him so he has to go somewhere. He's on train with SSN's David Craig
  10. New Blog. NufcBano Blog :- http://nufcbano.blogspot.com The Best Blog in Toon on all things Newcastle Utd. NUFC news, NUFC views, NUFC latest stories, NUFC updates and my opinion!
  11. Sky Sports News has been claiming breaking news that Joey Barton has permission to talk to QPR. Now this isn't really news as Joey can speak to anyone he likes because he has been given the option of a free transfer. However, if he were to move to QPR it would actually make more sense then you may initially think. They have a new rich owner willing to invest in the team, he can get himself the 5 year contract he wants, he can get wages of at least £50k with this new rich owner, he will probably be given the captaincy, he will get to play in the Premier League still which if he were to
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