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  1. No but I'll break that cunts jaw seven sisters the fucking cockroach I'm rubbing my jaw as we speak, wincing at the impending pain I'm about to recieve. Anyway.........How did you know it's not Seven Sisters? Did you check up yourself? Congratulations if you did, you have now found out the way to answer your own questions on transport to football grounds and all because I gave you a silly answer. Please, no need for thanks. No need for thanks ...tell you what wise guy you think your funny? How about I meet you tomorrow for a pint and I'll show you funny ??
  2. No but I'll break that cunts jaw seven sisters the fucking cockroach
  3. Fucking cock sucker ( seven sisters ) fucking ass hole
  4. Cocksuckingmotherfuckingcunt!
  5. Is the best( easiest) I'm travelling to the game tomorrow night, Newcastle to London after that I'm pretty much struggling any help please Thanks guys
  6. I can just imagine asking the Hal Hal guys on the street corner for butty lol lol
  7. Mother fucker ....You cats are awesome man!! Any other local MUST foods for me to try?
  8. Newcastle upon Tyne, what a time im having Great people, great bars etc.. You lucky lucky people & thanks once again to the posters I met thanks guys
  9. Which boozers ( bars) do you recommend for a pint..
  10. Just what you need if your coming down off the fleetwood mac..
  11. Looks cool man I'm a gin and tonic cat don't do any of them beard wearing real ale taste testing mother fuckas
  12. Are you local? Local hell yeah to the big apple baby I'm a new York mag Do y mean New York near Shiremoor ? You seem a funny guy... Actually I'm visiting the UK next week and of course Newcastle ...get dowwwwwwwwwwn Not far from CP As it goes ltb... It's 24 degrees but misty ... So do you live in NY itself ? In the bushes of Central Park maybe ? . . MAKE SOME NOOIiiISE
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