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  1. Woodgate today

    ok first of all, he was injured for 18months after limping off against Chelsea... So yeah we should have kept paying his wages while he did fuck all. Plus with our medical staff you could probably have added another year on his time out. Some of the best business Fat Fred has done. i understand what you are saying.. If that's the case.. should we also sell Owen??? No doubt that Woodgate is injury prone.. But in our situation here, we do not have a strong defence to begin with, and have you also notice that whenever Woodgate is playing, we seldom lose??? look at whats happening in Newcastle now after selling Woodgate.. Have we improve??
  2. Money IS tight at NUFC

  3. Smallest team in the premiership

    This has been our problem this season... i dun understand why despite zero target man up front, we still keep pumping long balls up... look at Martins for instance.. he is a player that has to have the ball on his feet.. We should attack or counter attack thru the center, and not pumping long balls and hope Martins to head or thru the wings....
  4. Martins is canny good

    We seriously need to buck up... it has to be now.. with both spurs and Arsenal below us.. it is a great chance to fight for the top 5 positions again... COME ON LADS!!
  5. Woodgate today

    Sigh... FF should never have sold Woodgate in the first place... By right the deal between FFS and SBR was that if Woodgate was sold to Real, FFS will have to bring in Rooney.. And today, Rooney is in manu and our star defender is in Teeside.. Sack FFS that useless scum!!!

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