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  1. 41 minutes ago, Monkeys Fist said:

    TCMPL needs to get her doctor to sign her off due to work-related stress. 
    No one should be suffering like that due to work, mate. 


    Especially for something that's happening purely so the almighty god of house prices shall never fall.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Toonpack said:

    TGI Frydays in Seghill is a tremendous chippy. They do battered chips (I know, I know, but bear with me) these aren't caked in batter, it's like a light dusting, they look more seasoned than battered and they are amazing - taste like chips used to taste like in me yoof (when all was done in beef dripping, none of your veggie oil shite). Portion sizes are bloody ridiculously large an all.


    Chips and batter are it like. I don't trust a person who doesn't have a scoop of scraps with their fish and chips. (Sorry Mam.)

  3. I don't mind the relaxation if the vaccine/hospitalisation stats really are as positive as they seem to be, but scheduling the "stay at home order lifted but people urged to stay local wherever possible" phase for the week before Easter rather than the week after is going to mean absolute chaos on the holiday weekend, isn't it? :lol: 

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  4. I've been offered my first dose even though none of the myriad things that are wrong with me should theoretically be enough to put me on any kind of priority list. Anecdotally they're properly flying through the patient lists in some places and being fairly sluggish in others, though, so it just might be that. After that story about the 6cm bloke yesterday I'm expecting to turn up and be told they still have my booze weight on their records and I should fuck off home though. :lol: 

  5. 38 minutes ago, Tom said:

    Ive done a lot more cooking like and that helps but I’m pining for a drink in a pub or a trip to the lakes with a friend.




    But aye, as soon as we're allowed to travel for exercise again I'm straight off to the nearest hills or the coast, even if it has to be Southend or frigging Margate. :lol: Anything for a change of scene.

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  6. Aye, it's shite. Getting out to run/walk is the nearest thing I've got to a workable reset button, but not having left the immediate neighbourhood since mid-October means I'm desperately short on variety. Feels like I know every bump in every pavement by now. Funnily enough, discovering the local cemeteries has been one bonus, even if they're not the most obvious place to hang out during a global pandemic. :lol: Channel that inner goth!


    It's worth saying that I've also had a few wobbles drink-wise during the various lockdowns, which those of you who know me can imagine I'm not thrilled about. While it's never gone any further than that and I don't feel at any real risk of reverting to old habits, I took the most recent occasion as a prompt to start dropping in on a weekly meeting with the same mutual aid group that worked really well for me when I first kicked the drink back in the day (not AA, I don't believe in powerlessness), and that's already helped a lot - which I think is a lesson for all of us at the minute to be honest. Like Bob Hoskins said, it's good to tawk, even if it's just to realise that tons of people are in the same boat and it's okay to be feeling shit about it all. Fortunately my job doesn't revolve around Zoom meetings, mind, or I'm not sure I could face another one outside of work hours. :lol:

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