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  1. Just now, Ginolaandtonic said:

    You know exactly the point I’m making.


    People are allowed to ask questions without the assumption being that the only possible motive is racism.

    People are allowed to ask questions, yes, just as I'm allowed to make inferences about their attitudes based on what they ask and how. And I genuinely don't think it should be normal for someone to ask where someone's from, get several replies that answer their question perfectly well - from "Hackney" through to "I am born here and am British" - and still keep asking questions like "where do you really come from?" and "when did you first come here?". Even if it's not done with malicious intent, it's definitely fucking weird. :lol:  

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  2. 19 minutes ago, Ginolaandtonic said:

    I totally understand why people can rightly be offended when asked where they’re “really” from and obviously tone is everything but you can imagine outrage in the other direction if the old woman gave off the air that all African nations were the same and of no interest.



  3. While I agree the transcript suggests she knew exactly where she was leading the conversation, think about how many times she must have had to engage in similar levels of fuckwitted discussion in her life to date, even when no malice was actively intended. It must get a tiny bit tiring after a while.

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