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  1. www.allsp.com As mentioned earlier.
  2. He's not even a has been. I don't think he's ever been good 189715[/snapback] I chuckled. though enough of the pesimissem? Martins might rack up 30 goals this season Top scorer second to only Marlon King obviously
  3. I hear Madrid are trying to offload Ronaldo...
  4. I can't stop laughing at this i feel sorry for you when i was watchng sky sports news i thought they were going to say Nugents name but no Sibierski popped up and i did laugh
  5. Your not the only one who wishes this I still have faint hope that we (Watford) will sign him but i highly doubt we will tbh. 186314[/snapback] Think Newcaslte's need is far greater tbh. Prem's a bit tricky aint it? Not used to seeing Reading get beat. 186378[/snapback] Yes it is and shit refereeing
  6. Motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking plane.
  7. The jesus ones crack me up every time.
  8. Your not the only one who wishes this I still have faint hope that we (Watford) will sign him but i highly doubt we will tbh.
  9. Huth would be a great signing i think and Woodgate would be if he was ever fit..
  10. Yes i heard Spurs didn't sign him due to self discipline and they wanted to write into the contract he needs to lose a few pounds. Wasn't he the one that threw the scissors at someone in the Ajax dressing room? Good player just needs his attitude sorting out i thnk he would be a good signing for your lot.
  11. Nothing its the summer holidays, which are getting rather boring now though..
  12. 1) I got my results today (well yesterday now..) 2) I was rathe rpleased with them. 3) I need to get a part-time job 4) I need to write a CV 5) I'm currently listening to the new Kasabian song.
  13. I did chuckle when i saw this. The mackems certainly appear to be in free fall for now, Keane may be a miricle worker