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  1. How exactly can so many people say Perch has been one of our worst performers this campaign? He has played about 5 games and did very little wrong in any of those games for me. Chelsea, came on and did a job against Drogba, who was then taken off and replaced by Torres. He then did a job on Torres and the last 2 goals cant be blamed on Perch. Norwich just played long ball to their huge strikers and they scored 3 headers and a fluke scramble. Even Colo wouldnt have been able to cope with Holt or Morrison in the air, we needed Williamson or Taylor to be playing. Swansea we kept a clean sheet so surely he cant have been shite there. WBA Colo was outpaced for their first goal, their second goal was just piss poor as a collective defensive display, should have been cleared and their 3rd goal Id say maybe Perch could have blocked Scharners shot, but it was taken so quickly there was little time to gain balance/composure. Im not a huge fan of Perch and dont want him in the first team, but if he has to come in to do a job when we have injuries people need to get off his back and give him a chance. The amount of grief he gets around where I sit for no reason at all is actually pathetic. If the question was 'worst players in our squad' then aye he'd probably be up there, but this season? Give owa
  2. Tyne Bridge, St James', river Tyne, Magpie, Black n White, football. These are things associated with Newcastle so maybe an image depicting him with some of these?
  3. You should put more options on it tbh. I dont like MA or DL, cant stand them but I do agree with the way they are going about their buying of players. So far I have no problems with them shipping out Carroll, Barton or Nolan and bringing in Tiote, Cabaye, Marveux, Ba, Ben Arfa etc. They are trying to run the club properly I think, its just a shame they are complete and utter bellends (i.e. Sports Direct Arena etc...) (These are my feelings until they sell Coloccini in Jan!!)
  4. Aye I meant Amdy Faye not Abdoulaye. I also liked Domi as well as Goma but they wouldnt get into my first team for best XI.
  5. When both in their prime Rob Lee would walk into the team ahead of Dyer any day, that cant be argued really. But as the question was for a team from 2000, I dont think Rob Lee in the last season and a half at NUFC offered more than Dyer did in his time from 2000 onwards. A NUFC team from 1990 onwards would certainly see Lee in CM
  6. Did Perez ever play a senior game for us? Don't think he did I wasnt sure but couldnt think of anybody else that deserved to be worst keeper! Harper, Given, Krul. I think John Karelse made more than one senior appearance didnt he? If so I'll replace Perez with Karelse. I was thinking Rob Lee but thought his best years were late 90's for us.
  7. Worst NUFC XI since 2000: .............................Perez............................ Carr.......Boumsong....Cacapa...Babayaro Geremi.........Faye.......Gavilan.....Cordone .....................Xisco............Andersson Again I dont think Carr was particularly crap all the time but I cant think of anyone worsee since 2000. Cordone wasnt a left winger but he had to fit in somewhere and couldnt think of another one who was worse. Any improvements on my team?
  8. Some fair points. I was torn between Enrique and Bernard but I wa always a big fan of Bernard and thought Enrique only had one good season in prem, Bernard had a few more. Also agree with the Tiote remarks, I was tempted but again think over a sustained period of time Dyer and Speed were class acts in the middle and in a few years time I can see Cabaye, Tiote, Ben Arfa, Krul etc being in that team if they keep up their form. How about another angle on this, what is the worst XI you have witnessed since 2000 to grace the NUFC top?
  9. I was having a discussion with my mate at work yesterday and I was amazed at how different our views are on Newcastles best XI over the last 10 seasons. I was wondering what others thought our best XI would be and how many of the current crop would appear in this team? Mine was as follows: ...........................Given.................................. Beye.....Coloccini......Woodgate.......Bernard Solano.......Speed........Dyer..............Robert ..................Shearer.....Bellamy..................... Dyer is probably a controversial choice but I was a huge fan of his and was very exciting to watch when on form. How do other peoples teams differ to this? Iv been racking my brain for hours now and have a feeling Im missing one or two players but cant think of who...
  10. Watching that video of Given was hard to watch and brought everything into perspective about how liked he was amongst his fellow pro's and what a great guy he really was! Savage on BBCnews was also hard to watch when he couldnt speak by the end of it. Sad day for NUFC and football. RIP Gary Speed
  11. The lad is having the time of his life and long may it continue! Harper will be kicking himself that Shay then Tim came along but looking forward he looks world class.
  12. Usually would be very sceptical over this signing, but with Graham Carr's strike rate at the minute Im quite looking forward to him if he gets given time by the fans! Cabaye, Tiote, Marveux didnt get me excited until they got on the pitch and showed what they can do, hopefully he will be the same.
  13. Simple one for the stadium name change: Tune: Peter Lovenkrands, signed on a free... St James' Park St James' Park Fuck off Ashley, it will always be St James' Park
  14. Thats actually quite a good idea. Im not doing the signs on the East Stand though or the Gallowgate roof!
  15. Agreed. He ran the show in the first half in my opinion and looked solid under pressure. Second half he dug deep like the rest of the lads and showed his worth.