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  1. I think we will go down this season and have felt that for weeks not enough steel in the side to grind out results so many players went missing last night. It will go right to the death at the top and the bottom this season and I don't think McClaren has the ability to motivate the side when the going gets tough too many false dawns followed by awful performances.
  2. Tough away game against a side who are unpredictable, going for a 2-1 Everton.
  3. I'm afraid it will go right to the wire!! 7 points from a possible 9 is a very good return but it has only enabled us to rise to 4th from bottom, the transfer window will be crucial and no way can they get more players in with no EPL experience can they??!!
  4. I hope we don't let anyone go of note and bring in 2 or 3 more. Like the look of Mitrovic has a bit of everything, hopefully he will be a success. Centre half's need addressing Williamson is not up to standard and Coloccini is on the wane.
  5. Seriously hope this is the hacks trying to conjure up a story! In the position we are in (started in January last season) we need an experienced premiership manager that can steady the boat and keep us in the league.
  6. I fear we will be playing in the local derby a lot quicker than some would of hoped for!
  7. Shearer was brilliant and if it had not been for the injuries in his career (Knee, broken leg, ankle) he would of set the bar even higher the fact that as mentioned he had to change his game and still scored goals speaks volumes! Having said all that when Torres sits back and counts his medals!!!
  8. A naturally left footed left back would be a start!
  9. Nowt wrong with it! Just prefer to do my own thing and have done for more years than I can remember. I love all the sorting flights, car, accommodation, you can fly on days that suit you more and for as many days as you like. But the big thing is that you feel like you are travelling and it takes me back to my backpacking days 30 years ago!!
  10. Dr Gloom I would take a look at Halkidiki, but not the first peninsula Kassandra which is where the package holiday companies go but the second peninsula Sithonia. Fantastic beaches no English to speak of and you can fly into Thessaloniki which is served by Easyjet, B.A (Gatwick) & Ryanair (Stansted). We have been a couple of times and if you are a beach lover it takes some beating!! [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url]
  11. [/url] Egremeni Lefkada [/url] Katsiki Beach
  12. [/url][/url] Here's a picture of Egremeni beach on Lefkada.
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