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  1. Hi guys don't post on here much and being from Edinburgh I only catch 5 or 6 games a season. Yesterday I was down and went to the game, disgustingly disappointed. I follow most things Newcastle Utd from afar but do you guys really really think anything that's done will have any effect on that fat cockney wanker?? He's thicker skinned than a rhino and personally think he'll be around for the foreseeable future. It's horrible to watch. Summer will most probably come and go with hardly a decent signing made, Carver will still be in charge and Tioti and Sissoko will be sold. Will I still be going down in the near future? Yeah probably cause I have a love with Newcastle Utd and the City its self. I hope it gets better but he's a prick so I can't see it.
  2. Tried viagogo but seems to only give an option if either buy 1 or buy 4. There is 2 but its for the Milburn and there £105 each plus fee's.
  3. No missed out due to working on sale day. If anyone has 2 spare PM me. Not paying silly money going to watch it in shearers any how. There a cheeky bastard on gumtree looking for in excess of £130 have a look at it on sports tickets (other) and read his write up!! True fan.
  4. I don't no of any buses hope I wasn't getting your hopes up. But I'm looking to go more regularly well maybe every 6 weeks or so if u wanted someone to travel with.
  5. Where about in Scotland do u travel from?
  6. Who the fuck gave Neville that job he's boring as shit.
  7. Kick his ba's Krul
  8. Fuck sake Obertan one minute silky wee flicks next minute walking the ball out for a throw
  10. The other guy before him punching the wall on 24s is better, if ba had scored the pen it would have been a suicide bloodbath in that boozer, f'ing class!!
  11. Might not work in England. "I was honored to be asked to be (bobbys) bestman. His original idea was was to wear kilts for the day to which I said that's cool what's the tartan (said tart in) oh he said I'm sure she's wearing a lovely white wedding dress" That earned me a couple o slaps from the bride but got a few laughs.
  12. Well that got youz talking!! Lol!!
  13. Being made to watch dancing on ice tonight, has Jayne Torvil always been that fit or has she got better with age?? I'd Smash It....
  14. Keep things tight at the back with help from the midfield and let the Demba's run riot. 2-1 Newcastle, easy!!
  15. Am in. Brighton game in the past.