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  1. It seems such an obvious thing to do.If our left back needs a minder,should we not have a left back who can defend.
  2. As a leftside player i would get rid,but i would give him a chance wide right.
  3. His cross found a Villa defender.My only defence for him is that he plays down the left and that is his weaker ( useless ) side when he has to deliver a ball into the middle.I cannot understand why Pardew has never picked him to play wide right.
  4. His strengths were running 50 yards and winning free kicks,and running 50 yards to help out the left back.He doesn't/cannot do this now.I could do what he does now,which is NOWT.Obertans also does nowt,so i could do his job.Hopefully we now have players to fill their positions.Pardew needs to get rid of the dross in the summer,if they don't go now.Ferguson,the Ameobi brothers,Simpson,Williamson,Santon ( i want a defender to be able to defend ) all need to go the journey along with Spiderman and Obertan.
  5. `on his day'.` On his day' he runs 50 yards and wins a free kick.How much did we pay for him and how much are we paying him to do that `on his day'.
  6. Soon after Shola came on we humped two balls down the middle.Neither Cisse nor Shola got anywhere near heading it yet the Villa centre half got there to head it.Minutes later a long ball was played to Shola who did his usual trick of judging his jump to perfecttion,slightly lowering his head,resulting in him missing the ball by inches.Shola doesn't want to head the ball so he resorts to this tactic regularly.He's not fooling me.
  7. games 160 goals 9 assists probably less than goals scored. Why has he always been a regular ?
  8. 13,000 empty seats for a Premier League game must be a huge kick in the teeth for the makem owner Ellis Short.Whilst he digs into his pocket ,the fickleness of the makem fans is shown by the pink seats.TV may not be able to show the pink seats as regular as in previous seasons but the owner can clearly see.
  9. Let him pay the club what he would have earned to fulfil his contract if he's that desperate to go.He'd want his contract paying up if we were trying to force him out.
  10. He probably bought NUFC as a plaything then realised the mess we were in.I agree,i think he will get rid as soon as he can get his money out.I wonder if Fat Freddy will give him a call when the time/money is right.Is he not owed something like £100m
  11. If there does come a time when Ashley had got his money back,will he then look to sell,or will he stay put and run a tight ship.
  12. You could say the new signings could and should give our fringe players a kick up the backside but i wouldn't bet on it.A rocket wouldn't help them, going back to the Brighton performance
  13. The ruski at Chelsea is happy to pump loads in as long as they win things.Ashley want's his money out eventially so he has a different agenda.Surviving in the prem will help Ashley's plan.
  14. Doesn't the parachute payment not cover 3 years if we are relegated.
  15. Bad news 84 games 0 goals 33 yellow cards 5 red cards. Good news His 4 year Pub Watch ban in Stockton has expired.
  16. Have the PFA complained yet about our french players taking the places of british players.What they need to realise is that for every french player coming here,there is a place in french football for a british player.
  17. French footballing `experts' must be worried in case we sign a decent frenchman or two which will mean they will have to travel up here for interviews.
  18. Best not sign Messi,Iniesta,Xavi and Pique in case we end up with a spanish speaking clique.Did AC MIlan have a dutch clique when they had Gullit,Van Basten and Rijkaard
  19. Gary Sunderland AFC Lamb. Some clown has changed his name to that it seems.Can you imagine the roars of laughter if that was shouted out in a crowded place such as a doctors waiting room.
  20. As a winger,Walcott doesn't have a brain.Give him space and time through the middle and he is a good finisher .
  21. Just my opinion so you can disagree if you want.One makem put the question forward on rtg messageboard.Do you know N'Diaye is the new Viera.
  22. I saw Nunez,not the real one,play for your reserves against ours at Kingston Park and he did ok.The little i've seen of McClean suggests he can add a spark but not consistently,but he's no Messi.By the way,it took half a dozen posts before the ludicrous comparison was questioned but then again you are different to us.
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