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  1. Quick synopsis for our guests' 1st Half: 2nd Half:
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nKaLe8R7Wg
  3. It's all been downhill since Cely Babs left tbh. Miss his ineffective going to ground while their forwards skip past with glee. Him and Stevie Carr give us two solid flanks as well as attacking threat.
  4. The story has always perplexed me, I'm never sure whether it's intentional or not.
  5. Capcom have lost their sense of survival horror, although the Leon sections give me some hope.
  6. A secret, but the significance of that particular one, well, how about an anecdote? I have just watched someone with possible mental deficiencies, run past my cabin after her cat at this very moment, she then bent down and acquired her company. Through my transparent curtains she gave me a look of reprieve, I then flicked my decrepit rollie ash onto the wooden floor.
  7. The Consequences of Love: After watching this it has instilled some sort of cluster of restraint, I have my headphones on, but no music seeps through. Meanwhile, as I decipher the altering pace of the cinematography it occurs to me that this is one of my favourite films, it isn't frivolous, it's probably the best Italian film I have seen, that needs to be seen by a wider audience. Sofia is electrifying, btw. Edit: Oh, hello.
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