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  1. but I think he reads your boards though
  2. So much researches for me, i'm honored. I'm gonna save you some time, I live in Montreal (not that I think it's important)
  3. Really? I live very very far from London my friend
  4. Ahaa no I don't live in England so...
  5. Yes I understood perfectly. I'm saying he will always have to prove he can rise up to the challenge and prove them he can play, no matter who they bring in
  6. Yes I know. And I'm not a Chelsea fan. I meant just big in terms of ''right now'' regarding the past years. I use to idolise Alan Shearer, Ginola etc
  7. I understand your anger, I really do, i'm a huge dedicate football fan and I know this kind of situations is never easy. But I guess this is modern football. There's no more real comittement to a Jersey.
  8. I agree with you, he will have to prove them how good he is
  9. well if you work at as gas station and you get paid 50 $ ,then Total wants you as a fnance director, you won't ask for a raise? (it's just an example).
  10. No andrew, it's not about money, but he is going to a bigger club that's all, it's just progression. The guy is 27 , I don't think there will be a lot of opportunities like this
  11. Yes I am. i still think you have a good team and you can perform without him. and Papiss is good too. You should maybe just say thanks to the man, who did cost 0 $ and did so much for you
  12. and obviously that's a crime...good luck with your season
  13. @mansoon, I know that they are not going this season, but there will be other international duties and other things. @ewerk, yes he demanded it but why? Because the contract was not good, due to the lack of faith in his knee, so it's a negociation. If he had a better contract their would be no such clause.
  14. I really don't see why anybody here should be mad at Ba. The guy came for free, doesn't have a great contract, scored numerous Goals, helped newcastle have a fantastic season and qualify for European Cup, help the club bring in Papiss Cissé. The same guy see his club put a low clause in his contract, because they didn't have faith in his knee. And now he has a better opportunity, and he shouldn't take it while NCFC is the one that put the clause there?! And there is another great advantage here for Newcastle. You don't have to worry anymore of seeing your 2 strikers go to African Cup, j
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