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  1. Newcastle v Southampton

    ALBERT LUQUE, ALBERT LUQUE (isn't it sad starting chants on a message board?)
  2. Newcastle v Southampton

    geddin the lad Dyer, class from Zoggy like
  3. Owen OUT!

  4. Favourite take away?

    Chicken Madras/Vindaloo with mushroom pilau rice and peswari naan any day of the week here like
  5. Thank Fcuk for that!!!

    He has edited his post though. 24716[/snapback] In that case, the man is a liar, a charlitan and a fraud of the lowest order!!! 24723[/snapback] I'm not owa bright really you nah, thats why I'm not sitting in a call centre for a full time job not that I answer many phone call's like, I spend more time on t'internet
  6. predictions v fulham!

    Newcastle 3 vs 1 Fulham Scorers --------- Bowyer Owen Boa Morte Clark
  7. Thank Fcuk for that!!!

    Solano.......yes would be great a couple of other deadline day deals wouln't go a miss for us but please god http://skysports.planetfootball.com/list.a...l=football_home NO
  8. *The official Solano returns? thread

    Good player, I remember surgesting him on N-O and getting shot down saying that it was the real world and not Champ Man, however I bet he is costing a bit tho probs 6-8mil
  9. *The official Solano returns? thread

    I'm not a fan of loaning out Milner to them for a year tho, I'd rather try tempting them with a bit extra cash and keeping Milner here, maybe go to 2.5mil and if they insist on having Milner then offer them what they are asking (about 1.5mil I think with Milner on loan)

    ha ha has anyone seen anal oliver on SSN just couple of mins ago- he's a right dick ain't he
  11. Your faults

    I am very unreliable- say things like I'll be 5mins and turn up 2 hours later, borrow money and give it back when I feel like it or can be arsed to take it round ect I have no respect for authority- bosses, parents, police, teachers (when I was at school) I have no sense of prioritising anything- money particular but does count for workload ect too I am often overly Sarcastic to thew point of being a cnut I'm Far too laid back I'm messy well all in all after reading that I think I need to become a nicer person
  12. Songs Played At Your Funeral?

    Oasis- Stop Crying your heart out Green Day- Wake me up when September Ends

    It depends, the exchange rates used by websites ect will be the sell rate for buying euros as a customer, I would say when conducting business like this in millions they would use a different, higher rate that travel companies ect buy their currency at. then lower the rate to make a profit- if that makes sense
  14. A Dinner Party

    1) Richard Branson- Think he would be interesting to listen to 2) Pele- Enough said 3) Brian May- Guitar Solo's ect for after dinner entertainment 4) Yoko Ono- For pure extreme mad behaviour and comedy element, also would love to hear stories about John Lennon 5) Michael Jackson- See above bar the lennon but 6) Peter Kay- for comedy element also, could rip piss from above two 7) Sir Booby Robson- Just would have to have an invite for obvious reasons 8) Kiera Knightly- English,Single, Rich & absolutely stunning, this could be my chance to impress 9) Kelly Brook- see above except the single bit, could ply her with wine and take advantage 10) Ant & Dec- well, they come as one don't they

    12million euros is about 9million quid- How come we cant bid that for Luque- the better player of the two

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