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  1. hibs wont release him and he,ll be on a free in summer anyway
  2. the co-commentator on sky sports was shocking for me, dont know who but I agree with some not a red card, kicked his shin pad and he rolled as if in more pain than barfa when he broke his leg , niall quinn in the studio too for a neutral audience lol tho he wasnt bad to be fair
  3. pardon my french but ...quelle putain de chatte
  4. agree with all of this, though unless anita plays like messi surely 5'6 midfielder is gonna get chewed in prem ! weakened in my opinion, debuchy for 6.5 seems fair to me
  5. mostly wierd people, been where you have too, a course or charity project would do wonders, good luck , like hills the up is always harder than the down but you only get the view from the top
  6. satellites yes, ISS yes, moon? one question , if we lose the ozone layer or magnetosphere we all die from solar radiation yet the apollo missions made it because there werent any solar events?? or do we just need the tinfoil? , whats wrong with mission to mars? its not a pure vaccuum and your pushing against earths gravitational drag for the first 1200 miles anyway
  7. that is such a shame , anyway wiziwig will have links
  8. neither of those are forwards? carroll vs kuyt I,d pick carroll everytime if the team played to his strengths.Hope carrolls in starting line up tbh
  9. after the first two friendlies with hodgson, does anyone else think theyre playin like a poor newcastle without the ben arfa type player? contain, play tight, counter, push up for set pieces, lookin forward to france game though prediction would be a loss
  10. even some of the original score is in it ala avp, prequel trilogy dependant on sales/ profit apparantly, am lost for a sequel already
  11. 'supposedly' is what I said .Tottenham are linked with every player, no wonder papers love arry , he denies nowt
  12. georgia guidestones in effect?, I can only remember barium in respect of this
  13. forgot about legend, loved that film
  14. 'the grey' wasnt bad, nowt spectacular though, kingdom of heaven with someone out of game of thrones would have been top drawer, new bladerunner project on the way supposedly
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