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  1. can anyone see sibierski even getting a game?

    Cheers for the info. The bit in bold made me chuckle. 189983[/snapback] lol, you'll know exactly what i mean when you see him take one.
  2. can anyone see sibierski even getting a game?

    No problem, to be honest, i think it dependson how you play him. We never really played him in his "preffered" position cos it didnt suit our style of play, which was\is also pretty pants! However, if u have him behind Martins, it may work out i say. He likes to take free kicks though, every one hits the wall so, dont get too excited as he lines up like he knows what he's doing. He will graft, and put himself about, and get the odd goal, but still, he should be playing for someone like reading, watford, fulham, wigan etc.
  3. can anyone see sibierski even getting a game?

    It's more the fact that we needed to fill about 4 other positions as a matter of urgency, for me. Honestly, I don't care if he can'thit the broad side of a barn. Can he bring down hoofed balls, can he hold the ball up? 189962[/snapback] Err, not really to be honest. Spends more time on his ass. The best i saw him play for us was when he played behind Anelka, Anelka was the lone striker. So it may work well with Martins. Everyone says he's good in the air but, he will probably score 1 in 6 or 7 headed attempts. He works very hard and is a model pro, but his general game is pretty poor.
  4. can anyone see sibierski even getting a game?

    Greetings from a City fan, i assume your all not impressed with him?

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