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  1. Europa league next season

    Some great potential opponents. We would be seeded for the qualifying round but some potential tricky opponents. If we got to the group we would be in the lowest seeds! http://kassiesa.home...seedel2012.html
  2. NUFC summer transfer activity thread

    Should we have a LeazesMag is a howling spastic thread?
  3. NUFC summer transfer activity thread

    Selling players for big money and buying better is working. Not that Leazes will admit it.
  4. NUFC summer transfer activity thread

    We finished 2nd after finshing 6th to answer the question. We spent the most on one player in Janury. I guess you are going to gloss over that then Leazes?
  5. NUFC summer transfer activity thread

    That was the season of the players disgracing themselves in London. Never Boo our players. what exactly would you like Ashley to do now?
  6. NUFC summer transfer activity thread

    Whatever the forum LeazesMag continues on the anti Ashley agenda. God help him if we make the Europa League or even the Champions League I think a weapons grade meltdown would occur.
  7. ManU match televised?

    You can watch games streamed over the net. Irag goals and www.justin.tv show all the games.
  8. Ben Arfa

    "Hatem will go to Newcastle . The relationship between him and Deschamps reached a point of no return and we just want leaders Marseille do backtrack and let him go . Hatem has always been honest with OM while OM mocks Hatem by suddenly declaring transferable . In early July , Deschamps We had been asked to find a club, what we did." (Source: http://www.rmc.fr/editorial/121956/le-clas...m-se-poursuit/)
  9. starting 11 for the first game of the season

    We played out first team today in the first half and never looked like scoring. If we don't sign anyone else we will struggle.
  10. Newcastle fans don't support their team as they should

    He introduced the phrase 'Position of Maximum Opportunity' to justofy his long ball tactics and for that alone he should be hunted with dogs
  11. Rumour doing the rounds

    Keep up
  12. Carroll V Taylor

    Taylor has a broken jaw and Carroll looks like he is out tomorrow wuith his hand injury.
  13. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    Heresy! Where did you get such wild notions? You will have to face facts sooner or later! We won't be sold soon and we aint going to sign anyone this season. If by some miricle we do go up then he might sell it then.
  14. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    The club isn't really up for sale it is all a lie. Moat is an Ashley stooge and just to complete your day we will not sign another player this season.
  15. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    Next Tuesday the deal 'will collapse' and we sell two players on deadline day.

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