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  1. I can see the Championship being the making of a lot of our players next year. The same way that it was for the likes of Colo, Enrique etc. Mbemba, Mitrovic, Aarons, Perez, Armstrong would all benefit from a year of dominating against lesser competition and I think we'd be competitive in the 2017/18 PL season. Janmaat, Wijnaldum, Krul and a few others are the only guys I can really see leaving.
  2. I don't get it because after winning something, what incentive would he have to sell us? Basically I took this interview as him trolling the fans saying he's going to be here forever because we're never going to win anything.
  3. He's not suddenly a great player again. If Jonas is playing a significant role in our season next year it's a signal that we're definitely going to be fighting relegation. I'd be fine with us signing him to a contract if he wants to play a small, outside role, but it wouldn't be some huge travesty if we didn't resign him.
  4. Shola as Director of Football. (I was joking but I actually quite like the sound of a Jonas/Shola managing duo)
  5. Ashley will invest. Undoubtedly. He has to because the risk of us going down is too big. We'll buy a few players and be good. Then we'll sell the players that have made us good, making us awful again. Repeat. I'm interested to see who he makes manager.
  6. Transfers is the only one that isn't bad enough to give "Average level of success"
  7. Qatar want to buy a PL team? Time for Ashley to get his pitch on.
  8. Alnwick, Dummett, S.Taylor, Colback and Ameobi all on the pitch. Nice to see.
  9. But probably not going to help convince FIFA that the integrity of the two teams isn't being compromised
  10. Such an average team on paper. No idea how we keep on winning games.
  11. Europa! Teams take it more seriously and actually play their best players. Outside of England no one cares about who wins the League Cup. Plus the Europa League winners get a Champions League place now.
  12. You don't want to answer valid points so you say I'm letting an emotive subject get away from me? Nothing annoys me more than people losing objectivity because of emotive subjects... My first point was a question asking you confirm what you said in your previous post. I said people were ignoring the views of potential BME candidates after talking about what Olivier Bernard said and you then said you weren't ignoring, you were "disagreeing". All I did was ask you if actually disagreed with what Bernard said. Because, you know, after saying you disagreed with potential BME candidates, o
  13. You disagree with Olivier Bernard when he says that if there was Rooney Rule he would try to become a manager again because he would feel as though he would be given a chance? You're telling him he's wrong? Is that not actually how he feels? What makes you think it won't increase the number of BME coaches/managers? Because this is based on absolutely no evidence or facts. Whereas we go to America and see that since the Rooney Rule has been enforced black head coaches have gone up 300%. Correlation is not causation, but this is pretty telling. People are blinded by their bias if they think
  14. It's not as simplistic as "if black managers don't get jobs because they're black what will the Rooney Rule do?". You could've said the same thing about the NFL. And I've already said that the number of BME head coaches increased 300% since the introduction of the rule. There will never be just one reason. But the Rooney Rule encourages BME candidates to step forward. At the moment a lot of potential candidates don't think they're going to be given a chance. THIS is what the Rooney Rule fixes. More BME people will apply because of it and it's been PROVEN to work. Seriously people... No one
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