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  1. I reckon we either will draw 2-2 or lose 2-1, it'll be a tight affair after United concede 2 goals really early on and are forced to tighted it up after trying to be more open and attacking. Then again, have we ever won a game after going down 1-0?
  2. Well yes, a plan B would imply that both Cisse and Ba are not having any impact on the game. Why my idea would work because it's a change in direction, in a 4-4-2 with Ba and CIsse is definately a different outlook than a 4-2-3-1 with Ba or Cisse upfront with a free Ben Arfa in the back buzzing about sweeping up looseballs and trying to score. It's way better than a 4-1-2-1-2 posted earlier with NO holding midfielder! thanks for the welcome by the by
  3. i still think there is a place for HBA in a plan-B type scenario for when our usual 4-4-2 has failed, and we need a spark from somewhere, something like this: Obertan Cabaye Jonas ---------Ben Arfa -------Ba-----Cisse Whereby Ben Arfa is given a free role to try and take everyone on and score. Obviously he isn't going to do FIFA-esque runs and score everytime, but it only needs to come off one for us to get a goal! You are kidding me, we'd be absolutely smoked in the middle because no one is out there trying to win the ball at all. Obertan, Cabaye, Ben Arfa are not ball winners. Jonas is a sort-of ball winner. A better plan B is a 4-2-3-1 with Ba or Cisse as the lone striker, with Tiote and Cabaye as the holding midfielders with Jonas, Ben Arfa and Obertan right behind Ba/Cisse in the lone striker role.
  4. Colo won't play for Argentina as that we, unfortunately aren't a big enough club for him to attract the attention of Argentina selectors. You'd think that playing in arguably the most physical league in the world would get him a call up but no. If he was playing for one clubs in the Northwest or one of the big London clubs he'd be first choice no doubt.
  5. I'd rather have 10 shit cloggers out on the pitch that run about than 10 Ben Arfa's who muck about with the ball and don't work hard. Ben Arfa needs to get up his work rate, I think it's pretty obvious now that one of the core philosphies of Pardew's team is to always put in a shift and to always be working hard. Ben Arfa has to work hard or else he will not make it into the team as stupid as it sounds. It seems Pardew already has one foot out of the door on him. I have not given up on the lad but I think he really needs to get his head out of his own arse and keep his nose to the grindstone. Obertan while not growing leps and bounds still puts in a canny shift and on Sunday showed that he can make dangerous penetrating runs and sometimes makes a good pass or decision. I think with more playing time he'll get better at making decisions. Ben Arfa, outside of a single goal hasn't shown me anything other than the bare minimum.