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  1. [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5MKt3ZCuA4&feature=my_liked_videos&list=LL4n2cSpuZH0Bp1V-mXDAcXQ[/media] Please like it if you like it - Enjoy
  2. Aye noticed that - lol aye pl are honestly head doers
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70eoCUumBsk Just uploaded please like and Enjoy I know its only a minute long but its a bloody amazing minute LOL
  4. Just uploaded this video of Ben Arfa ripping into Sunderland during Sundays game. Hope yous like it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MN5aRlDnc3I
  5. lol will do for my final video - glad you liked it
  6. Cheers. Am going to the match an all will be the first time I see Cisse playing live hopefully. should be a canny game with Cabaye - Tiote being back an all.
  7. lol might just make a quick vid at the end like because that one took me too long to edit lol. But please send me the link to the vids your talking about love to see em.
  8. Thanks man - Yeah planning on it mate. Took me about 14ish hours to edit that video like - its bound to take ages just starting off really.
  9. Lol it isn't 2 minutes of fouls its about 40 seconds Whose 2J?
  10. LOL honestly i was championing Manure to beat Liverpool 10-0 recently and I can't remember the last time that ever happened - Man i really hate them more this season, Doubt I'm the only one
  11. Basically a video i made few weeks back of Newcastle's season so far. Took me donkeys to edit like but i think it came out ok like. Please tell me any bad points so at-least when i make another video i don't make the same mistake. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMcczi1REaA&feature=plcp&context=C32345f6UDOEgsToPDskLw4eA1bLOJTT2wEcvJvLey
  12. Supposedly Papiss has been selected to play a friendly on 29 Feb in Africa - Hope hes back for the Makem Game!
  13. Aye. I'd hoped Ashley might have stopped his 'rebranding' exercise but apparently our ground is being desecrated as we speak. Über cunt bastard. I don't think Ashley will ever stop his re-branding exercise - Can't imagine what great idea he comes up with next the fat Prick
  14. well its not going down the drain because the fat cunt can do all he likes but we'l keep the history going.
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