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  1. NUFC Europa League Group Thread

    Anyone who wants a ticket for Maritimo will get a ticket, can't see many people travelling over at the price of it. I'm booked up, hopefully be a good trip!
  2. Tickets Offered

    Need 1 Watford ticket, someone help me out.
  3. Villa (A)

    Is your old man called Steve Nope.
  4. Villa (A)

    PM sent.
  5. Those travelling to London on Sunday

    Anyone else on the 7:58am from Newcastle?
  6. Villa (A)

    I'll be doing a bus for this one, £25 each.
  7. Newcastle bid for Berba

    Fuck off.
  8. Not even the women with the lisp?
  9. The SMBs have got tickets in our end.

    I sat with the mackems this season for the game at their place, wasn't the most pleasant experience.
  10. Bring back the noise

    would you lads do me a favour and sign this please. http://petitionthem.com/default.asp?sect=detail&pet=3636

    Stating the obvious a bit there, we need to win the next 3 or 4 games which I very much doubt.
  12. I pressed the Diet Coke button.....

    Thats just unlucky.

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