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  1. toonarmy108


    Wow. What an idiot. Just something i learned in college mate, no need to call me an idiot. Its all facts, its science mate if cant believe it then you are a hypocrite, and also you need to grow up.
  2. Probably the latter. It's just that WIllo makes him look like Franz Beckenbauer yeah your probably right
  3. toonarmy108


    Maybe with the combined power of science and god we can cure these defective bummers ,eh? Id leave that up to future society and scientists.
  4. toonarmy108


    Uhhhhh no dude i dont know what that is i am a normal person from California
  5. toonarmy108


    That is actually not a turban the man is a Hindu and his name is Swami Vivekananda, he was a great philosopher and religious leader. As Chez said this why education is important
  6. toonarmy108


    Great point Chez, people should get educated about religion before they go criticizing it. I always thought gays were weirdos, until i learned in my psychology class that they have a gene defect and that is why they act like, their hypothalamus changes before or shortly after they are born and becomes like the opposite sex. Scientifically speaking its called a gene defect because the animal or human with it does not reproduce thus not spreading its genes which by science's view is a defect. So please don't take offense and i hope this information will help you become more sympathetic and tole
  7. toonarmy108


    For gods sake i haven't read more ignorant posts in my whole life. You guys need to check out Hinduism seems like you guys just focus on Islam and Christianity, also check out Buddhism. Seems as if your thinking is blinded by hatred. I could compare you to those brainwashed terrorists, and if you think Islam preaches this terrorist shit, then you are wrong. try to study and understand the religion first.
  8. Im trying to buy his jersey but all the companies in America seem out of extra large i think im too tall and fat lol. I really cant wait till hes back. i think we would be in the top 4 if he never got injured, or maybe im being delusional.
  9. toonarmy108


    Atheism is a position. Here is the position of atheism. The evidence for the existence of a god is not sufficient. That's it. How is that hypocritical? Why should people not criticise something they think is not the truth? That's how we as a societies have progressed throughout time. It doesn't happen by sitting around saying, 'Well that seems like bullshit but I better not look for a better explanation because if I show up Gary he'll think I'm a dick'. You're being silly. I don't think you understand me here, i am not talking about normal atheists, i am talking about the ones who
  10. toonarmy108


    I agree with you there militant athesists really do get on my nerves, it seems like all they want is attention, and in a way have become a religon themselves massive hypocrites i have to say. I think people should stop critizing others religons and their belif in god. People need to look for reasons to LOVE not hate.
  11. I think our problem is that we do not have enough depth for our defense, there better be some defensive summer signings. Even though Willo is in a poor run of form, i do not think Perch is the answer, he failed horriably as CB against Chleski, remeber that Drogba header.
  12. Real Name: Vivek Age:22 Birthplace:manipal, india Whereabouts:sacramento, California Job: full time student Favourite Club: Nufc is, but Portland Timbers is my other club i support. Favourite Band: Too many of them. Favourite Food:too many of them. Favourite Drink: Wild Turkey 101 with some cola Favourite Place:Partying in Seoul, Korea Favourite Tv Show(s): too many Favourite Film: too many Footballing Heroes: Currently Colo Footballing Villains: Evra and Ferdinand for being snitches and acting like little girls. Other Teams: Other Sports:Basektball, i like the kings, for AMeric
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