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    We are the Alan Pardew Persecution Affinity
  1. Although... @https://twitter.com/lee_ryder/status/833807502819131392
  2. He pointed to his left hammy when walking off. Not a good sign.
  3. Only really get excited if we score 6 or more these days.
  4. Think the latest article was a tipping point, it was only mild befuddlement before the comment about Carver guiding us to safety
  5. Getting sick and tired of his pro-Carver bias.
  6. These emo-Carver images are superb. Moar
  7. Really enjoyed this little twitter conversation, especially Thelonious Monk's concluding contribution.
  8. I was genuinely disappointed that he didn't give Santon a few minutes
  9. Well that goal doesn't happen without a piece of Oscar magic, so it wasn't that bad from our part. Just got cut open with good play.
  10. Cabella's disallowed goal was lovely. Quick counter attacking interplay with a decisive finish. Been a while since we scored a goal like that.
  11. Nah, think HBA had fallen out with a few players. Burnt bridges.