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  1. No point in following this football club if that is all we can muster against one of the worst sides I've ever seen in the Prem.
  2. Cardiff are gonna drop and we're gonna tag along for the ride.
  3. Literally no point investing any time in a team that just wants to survive. And yet, we'll all keep following closely.
  4. Joselu and Gayle showed more of the same this evening. We're in big trouble.
  5. I mean, in 4 years time France will have Mbappe with 4 more years experience and the best we can muster is Rashford
  6. There's absolutely no guarantee that these players will improve. It's a proper myth. You could have said the same thing about Sterling and Barkley from the previous tournament and neither pushed on at international level. To do better next time, we would need better players, playing in a better system with a manger who can be more decisive and flexible during games. That's a lot needed to be done. The quality in the French, Belgian and Brazilian squads alone are streets ahead of us. And of course, they will also be looking forward to seeing their young talents impr
  7. Third place game and semi final put this England team into perspective. We only made the semi final because of the easy draw. Any knockout game against an actual contender would have seen us leave.
  8. All quiet on the netflix documentary. Fearing that it has been canned.
  9. He's been a manager for 12 years and won fuck all. And this is the England job, you'd don't have time to improve.
  10. Hope we can bin off Southgate and appoint someone who knows how to manage a game/squad.
  11. Wonder where this Netlfix documentary is.
  12. Agree about Shaqiri. He's the sort who wouldn't get stuck in when times were tough. He'll be a squad player in a 4th/5th place team.
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