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  1. thought we played some very slick football today. Once Diame gets match fit he's going to be a beast. yeah definitely Perez needs someone up front with him.
  2. Have to say this is the first time in quite a while, that I'm really looking forward to us to playing.
  3. Can see us winning 3-1 here.
  4. Probably our best signing this transfer window.
  5. If we get 35 mill for him then Rafa is the man.
  6. Have to say, this is with out a doubt the best thing to happen since Sir Bobby came to the club.
  7. Townsend has clause in his contract that if we go down, he can leave.
  8. Well let's hope we come straight back up. Nice to finish with a win though.
  9. Why in fuck didn't we play like this ten games ago? Really hope Rafa decides to stay.
  10. First half utter shit, hopefully we do them in the second half.
  11. Oh alright I meant Centre back.
  12. Fucking hell, that last five minutes was absolutely gut churning. Have to say Lascelles is turning into a real full back, possibly even future Captain. Thank fuck Taylor wasn't playing. I'm so happy for Cabaye toon supporter al the way.
  13. That was one of best games we have played in ages, Tiote and Sissoko were immense as was the whole team really. In reality we should have won that if not for that cunt Aguero.
  14. Apparently according to the commentators that Shelvey finds the burden of Captain a bit heavy. Could be bullshit.
  15. Much better first half from the team, they seem to be playing with a bit heart.