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  1. Hmm, for me, and I still haven't looked, I don't know what tombola do - so how could you say about creating good will. What might have been best is to pick two teams relatively close together so that people in that catchment area will know about them and that they have two nearly similiar sponsors so judgement could be made. This way you would be able to see if there were any good will to each of the respective teams etc. Two to pick (from a quick check of sponsors) are Wigan - 12BET and Bolton - 188BET, respectively just down the road from each other. Good luck anyway with your dissert
  2. There's popular consensus with companies and sponsorship folk that sponsoring a sports entity creates goodwill with fans of that entity, and that the fans feel positively towards the sponsor. However, there's not been much investigation into whether this alienates opposing fans, even though the joint sponsorship of Rangers and Celtic suggests it does - otherwise why sponsor both? So I'm trying to see if there is a correlation between fans disliking a club and therefore translating that dislike to their sponsor. Thanks for the nice comment - I do have a version for Everton fans up on Toff
  3. Thanks to all that have done it, the amount of responses has been excellent and I'm extremely grateful. Best of luck in the hunt for a top 6 finish!
  4. Hi everyone, I am hoping you all could lend a fellow football fan a hand. As you can guess from my username, I'm a Southend supporter. I don't think our paths have yet to cross in my 16 years as a Shrimper! With the kind permission of Ant, I'd like to ask you all if you could please fill out my questionnaire for my dissertation. It's about sponsorship and rivalry in top-flight English football. The questionnaire link is here: https://docs.google....2hiX3c6MQ#gid=0 Thanks to anybody who completes it, your help is hugely appreciated. If you have any problems with it, please let m
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