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  1. Watch the results go our way today and Brighton capitulate over their final games... ...just need our lot to turn up now
  2. BWs to brush Preston aside with ease like we did in the cup fixture and Fulham to do a job a on Huddersfield like they did against us. We have to play the XI from the Leeds game, and if I recall correctly Mitro scored a brace against these lot in the cup. Going for a 2-0 win.
  3. Agree with Brighton finishing above us Noelle. Do you see us finishing 2nd a disappointing season or is promotion ultimately the main goal?
  4. For a young flair player he seems incredibly slow
  5. Sheff Wed keep carving out chances, very nervous viewing. Our passing in the final third is dreadful.
  6. Was at the game on the Saturday and the referee was diabolical. Sounds like it's the same tonight. Will not miss the refereeing in this league one bit.
  7. Will be interesting how tonight/tomorrow's fixtures go. Not arsed at all who goes up with us I just want to put some breathing space between us and 3rd.
  8. Won't be an easy game, the so called 'minnows' this season have given us good competition. A positive result is important especially going into a tough fixture on Saturday. 2-1 to the toon.
  9. An destroyer in midfield should be priority number 1, too many goals have been conceded this season from opposition breaking through the midfield. Also can we rely on Gayle to get the goals next season? A proven striker at the highest level is what we want.
  10. Just see M'biwa in town, he needs to be training rather than looking for valentines cards
  11. Me and the lads are thinking of doing a bit of traveling Europe in August, however we can't decide where to go. My friends have already travelled around Europe but I haven't. It's between a slow meander through Poland and the Baltic states, with a bit of Russia thrown in as well. Or an Island hopping adventure around the Aegean? Has anyone done something similar and if so what would you advise?
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