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  1. BWs to brush Preston aside with ease like we did in the cup fixture and Fulham to do a job a on Huddersfield like they did against us.

    We have to play the XI from the Leeds game, and if I recall correctly Mitro scored a brace against these lot in the cup. Going for a 2-0 win.

  2. Based on the current form of top teams, the run in games, and our defeat at Sheffield, I think we will unfortunately finish second to Brighton but we will be promoted.

    From their last 5 games Brighton have gained 12 points from a possible 15, whereas we have only gained 7 points from a possible 15 in our last 5 games.

    On paper Brighton definitely have the easier last 5 games which are against, 10th, 11th, 15th, 21st, placed teams, plus 2nd bottom Wigan.

    Ours are against 5th, 9th, 13th, 14th, and 17th placed teams.


    Huddersfield have 6 games left against, 7th, 8th, 9th,14th, 15th, and 18th placed teams, which is probably the hardest.

    However, if they were to win all six, which is unlikely, but you never can tell, it will give them 92 points. In that scenario we would need 8 points from our last 5 games to stay above them with 93 points.


    I can't see Brighton falling apart in their last 5 games and dropping too many points, and it's up to Rafa and our squad to see that we rack-up some points and finish with a flourish., rather than with tails between legs.

    Agree with Brighton finishing above us Noelle. Do you see us finishing 2nd a disappointing season or is promotion ultimately the main goal?

  3. Me and the lads are thinking of doing a bit of traveling Europe in August, however we can't decide where to go. My friends have already travelled around Europe but I haven't.


    It's between a slow meander through Poland and the Baltic states, with a bit of Russia thrown in as well.


    Or an Island hopping adventure around the Aegean?


    Has anyone done something similar and if so what would you advise?

  4. I think that we can take solace in the fact that we have managed to keep a hold of all our top class players, I get the feeling now that the players want to be here for the club, hopefully they all think we are going in the right direction. Sir Alex rarely improves on his top class players, but brings in younger potential, I think that is what we have tried to achieve.


    Keep going forward by keeping our good players!

  5. Port El Kantaoui is nice, Think I might be going to Turkey in September with a friend, he broke up with his lass and they were planning to go, asked me if I want the ticket. Better not be a double bed. Or roses sprinkled around the room, or a fucking towel swan.


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