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  1. Inherently Moral Stokoeshop Thread

  2. Is this place dying a death?

    its got to a stage with him where he can't back down now, so he'll just continue to post it even if he has doubts. He talks a lot of sense regarding bellamy, and makes a couple of good points regarding ashley, but that argument is getting so tiring. Mick should stop being pulled into it aswell mind.
  3. 2007 Celebrity Death Sweepstake

  4. Less than jake

    Speaks volumes. I hate the group, vastly overrated pop/ska punk which is AWFUL. The lead singer can't even bloody sing. 113204[/snapback] I like them. not as much as other bands mind, but their ok.
  5. The Completely Up-To-Date Fantasy Cup

    Northern Goals 27-55 Straylight run Northern Goals 29-26 Straylight run Northern goals 56-81 ON 64-44 Magic darts ON 50-78 Magic darts ON 114-122 MD wye aye man 36-44 Dream XI wye aye man 66-51 Dream XI wye aye man 102-95 Dream XI ewerk 36-23 Bees ewerk 36-34 Bees ewerk 73-57 Bees
  6. What is Rob W's occupation?

    are we still guessing? i've skipped pages 2-5? i'd guess north sea oil, if neebody else has.
  7. Aynesley, Babcock, Bland........

    Blackadder 100053[/snapback]
  8. Newbie!

    welcome. i'd post more often but i get a cant display page message when i use my normal computer. i'm not sure if i'm eligable to welcome really, but i will. i run the fantasy cup around here. i've been told that if i help them out there then i'll be granted mod status, right guys? I can usually be found on the GREAT forum btw.
  9. The Completely Up-To-Date Fantasy Cup

    first QF match this weekend. hope its all fine now. and you wounder why i wasn't made a prefect
  10. Official Fantasy Football Thread 05/06

    Despite the snipers best efforts, it's still going... it's a sticky just under this one. I'm for you! 97673[/snapback] i had a few bad days ok
  11. The Completely Up-To-Date Fantasy Cup

    oh and btw the replay result was: Blackhill bees 52-37 souness slags so the bee's face ewerk, with a severly depleated lineup (3 CB's and 1 Midfilder aren't playing for whatever reasons)
  12. The Completely Up-To-Date Fantasy Cup

    this'd all have been sorted out on tuesday/wednesday if pool wernt playing Benitez OUT!
  13. The Completely Up-To-Date Fantasy Cup

    ok i've really ballsed this up. give us a sec. i'd have found out sooner, but i've only just remembered, as i had to wait for ages for the actim points thingy, and pools match.
  14. The Completely Up-To-Date Fantasy Cup

    2nd leg: Blackhill bees 28-30 Souness slags Northern goals 26-14 Straylight run Magic darts 49-27 ETR raventoon 25-49 DREAM XI Kinky wizzards 24-22 Fact hunt XI Toonplastic 30-23 Optimistic nutcases ewerk 35- 43 wye aye man Aggregate: Blackhill bees 63-63 souness slags Northern goals 57-28 Fact hunt XI Magic darts 84-64 ETR raventoon 68-108 DREAM XI the kinky wizards 72-80 Fact hunt XI Toonplastic 46-55 Optimistic nutcases ewerk 76-79 wye aye man replays taking place on gameweek 25: Blackhill bees vs souness slags. if a draw then the team with the most goals wins (equivilent to a pen shootout). if thats a draw, then well, i'm not sure, probably some kind of fight to the death). ok so while i was starting the draw for the next round, i noticed ( a bit late) that i only have 7 teams through . i was thinking of letting both bees and slags through to the next round, but that would be unfair, so the loser with the highest points will go through. thats ewerk, and he'll have the draw number 8 draw for matches taking place on gameweeks 27 and 29: 2 vs 5 6 vs 3 7 vs 4 8 vs 1 Northern goals vs Fact hunt XI Optimistic nutcases vs Magic darts wye aye man vs DREAM XI ewerk vs Blackhill bees/souness slags

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