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  1. What is the point in voting for something you don't believe in? This isn't rhetorical, I'm genuinely wanting an answer to this.
  2. I agree that there's no way back, but in the end what's the point in my vote if I'm not actually standing behind something I believe in? I have been a supporter of an ever closer union with the EU from even before all this fucking nonsense started - if I keep abandoning principle after principle then my vote is meaningless. It's just an empty, vague thing that I throw around without understanding it. If I don't vote for the things I care about, then why should I even pay attention? I'm not going to be able to vote Labour if they're pro-Brexit.
  3. At the moment I am. Honestly if they ever get that second referendum and I'm not living in Scotland at that point I'd be over the border in a heartbeat. But aye, I'm up near Glasgow at the moment.
  4. Not on Twitter. And he won't win if he doesn't take young urban people with him. Not sure he's going to manage that bit tbh. As for me, I'm just one vote - I don't give a shit what happens, couldn't be more disillusioned, but I'm not voting for a pro-Brexit party. That's just the end of it as far as I'm concerned.
  5. Struggling to care. Too many lines in the sand being crossed. Labour can't just barrel over to the red wall and expect zero consequences on the other side. If they aren't in a pro-EU position, no matter how ridiculous that might look at the time, no matter how pragmatic they're being, I'll find it very difficult to vote for them. Aye but maybe they'll be weak enough to give Scotland indyref2 and then some of us can be rid of this nightmare.
  6. https://labourlist.org/2020/10/we-wont-be-back-in-the-eu-rachel-reeves-sets-out-labours-brexit-policy/?fbclid=IwAR3a_Y9s1M97iICdsHHWEjmjI5rkt5YJswaHbk5tUF9CFVjnBpAM7MPIUTI Labour has given up on Britain being back in the EU and is now in a pro-Brexit position. I understand this, the ship has sailed etc. Unfortunately though, the pro-EU stance was why i voted for Starmer. Not sure I'll find many reasons to vote for him next time based on this. Or at all, frankly.
  7. How many years do we write off for this lockdown? I suspect we're at about a decade of austerity ahead. It could get worse. I'm not at all blind to the arguments for locking down here but we aren't living the fallout yet. My entire adult life has been austerity, Tories, and complete political depression - it looks like i might be able to say that when I'm 60 as well.
  8. This is all wearing on me now - I think I'm almost in the camp of wanting them just to open everything up again because dying from COVID in the coming few months would be preferable to economic armageddon that creates a completely shit living situation for the next 20 years, doubtless accompanied by the return of austerity.
  9. It's hard to know the answer to this because the left wing are going out of their way to find problems. Abstaining on torture hasn't gone down well. There's also a lot of frustration about him not really opposing the government on anything concerning their COVID responses. Personally I think the criticisms lack nuance at this point and that a lot of what he is doing is political manoevering to gain back voters, but i think its fair to say that I'm "concerned". We'll see what happens but he seems more a politician than a man of principle to me. Maybe that's what we need
  10. Isn't he 14 points down at the moment? I think the biggest gap in the polls when he went up against Clinton was 11. So it's going to have to be even more of a comeback than last time.
  11. I've moved to a proper database structure now anyway Apparently my bog standard little side business is now more sophisticated than the entire government's COVID data collection system.
  12. I appreciate that Quiff is being tongue in cheek here but i bet there are people out there who think that China considered a man about to be deposed so dangerous to their ambitions that they were prepared to create a virus and set it loose in their own country, kill over a million people worldwide and tank most major economies including their own, just on the offchance that Trump would catch it and that it would somehow kill him despite his access to the best medical care anywhere in the world If COVID was a sabotage from China we might well all end up thanking them because it app
  13. I would love it if "the left" (by which she means the centre) had it in them to do something like that. They really don't though.
  14. Well I'll have to take your word on that, what the Tories have done in government in the past two years has been fairly unprecedented in my view - but that aside, immediately after Brexit the Tories wouldn't touch him for leader. It took two years of the entire western world going to hell in a handcart courtesy of Donald Trump for him to get a chance at power, at least IMO.
  15. Aye, that one is undeniable too.
  16. We didn't have Johnson before Trump though. I think Trump lowered the bar in terms of competence and also opened the door for the Tories to disregard the truth, rules, common decency even more flagrantly than they have in the past. Not the sole reason maybe, but a contributing one at the very least.
  17. He's also sort of responsible for the rise of right wing fuckwits the world over. Would we have Boris if the US hadn't had Trump?
  18. Is that because of his principles, or lack of opportunity though?
  19. I don't waste time thinking about what society considers acceptable or not these days - Trump dying from COVID might send a message to the dumbfucks who still don't believe it's a thing and may in fact mean that he did some good in his life (or death).
  20. Her head genuinely looks like someone has photoshopped the top half of one person's face with the bottom half of another person, when they were both looking slightly different directions.
  21. You could also buy refurbished and get some good value. I got a 16GB RAM, i7, 750 (combined) HDD for £500 with an NVIDEA 1050. £300 Would probably get you an 8GB RAM with a basic card on an i5.
  22. It's a lasting regret of mine that I didn't put £10k into dollars before the actual Brexit vote which would have seen me make about £2k in a week Just wasn't quite brave enough at the time.
  23. Dollars maybe? The Euro will take a hit too whereas the dollar should be totally unaffected by Brexit.
  24. It's the same 40% over and over. 40% of this country are unmitigated cunts who would welcome the next Hitler with open arms if they thought he represented the "silent majority".
  25. No I do understand that, now at least. Apparently not then though. My worldview has changed hugely in the past 4 years, I'm basically just waiting for the species to kill itself now. We're beyond saving, it's never going to happen.
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