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  1. Coronavirus

    The fact that Starmer isn't climbing back above the Tories (or even anywhere near) does indicate that Brexit is a factor in all of this. Culturally, there are two dividing lines in society. Informed versus poor informed, probably about sums it up. Unfortunately the 'informed' vote is split between 4 different parties, and in concentrated areas through the country, making them an inefficient voting bloc. 99% of the uninformed vote sits within a single party, and the voters are spread out far more efficiently. Corbyn was a disaster, but Starmer is going to have considerable challenges with or without the left complaining at him from the sides. He is an out and out Remainer for one thing - firmly on one side of the most toxic issue this country has seen in my lifetime.
  2. Where has time gone?

    Thanks for keeping the place running tbf man. Probably doesn't get said enough.
  3. Where has time gone?

    Congrats Ant I sometimes wonder if this place will run until we're all dead, to be picked over by future generations researching long suffering NUFC fans. I still consider myself a newer member and I've been on here 8 fucking years now Wonder how long it'll go.
  4. I do imagine that there was a deadline but it's hard to believe that the deadline is something that the Saudis would have agreed to if the matter was broadly outside of their control. The PL are taking the piss here of course. Also I think it's quite likely that Ashley is aware that Mauriss is just smoke and mirrors for Qatar. If we're aware, he's almost certainly aware. A bird in the hand, etc.
  5. Politics

    A potato, made man.
  6. Politics

    Those messages are pathetic. Especially where she expresses discomfort and he's like "maybe I can fuck the sad feelings out of you" Tories man.
  7. Precedent Trump

    As if he's going to have a say about whether or not he accepts the result, man. You get dictators saying that kind of shit but they legitimise that by having good relationships with the military. Trump hasn't gone out of his way to cosy up to the armed forces as far as i can tell, so he's got no chance of staying in office if he's voted out. It is depressing that the majority of white people want him in power though. I'm going to vaguely hope that's more about him being republican than being Trump, but it's pathetic either way.
  8. mackem messageboard gold

    I hope they do it It would be the perfect coup de grace for a club that has been battered by its own fans for years, while they labour under the delusion that they're helping it. To see it finally go down in flames at the hands of it's own delusional following would be superbly poetic. "The mags may be the richest club in the world marra, but they're all jealous as fuck that we're a fan owned club, even if we are being relegated out of League Two, in administration, and with our 5th chairman in 6 months coming in following the sexual assault allegations against his predecessor. It's what football is really about, we're showing other clubs the way! FTM!!"
  9. One of the tweet replies in there is asking if this deal falls through, will the Dubai based group that Wraith was organising for be waiting in the wings Wraith fancying himself as the next Stavely by the sounds of it.
  10. mackem messageboard gold

    That is the most reasonable post I've ever seen you make about Sunderland Sunderland's situation is now so dire, what Essembee says about them is neutral. Fucking hell.
  11. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    He's definitely reinventing himself as a provocateur here. There's no reason to get suckered into this shit as often as he does otherwise.
  12. Coronavirus

    At what level of ineptitude does it become nationally urgent for us to remove them from power by force? I'd say that if you'd asked me that 10 years ago, we'd be there or thereabouts. The slow boiling frog perspective is killing us.
  13. Precedent Trump

    Didn't Clinton hit 99% at one point in some models? I'm not convinced but it would be huge in the global pushback against fuckwitted insanity, if Biden wins this.
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/14/saudi-arabia-bans-bein-sport-to-further-complicate-300m-newcastle-takeover On Tuesday night, though, it emerged that the Saudi government edict related to an old legal case dating back to 2016 and both PIF and their consortium partners were completely unaware it would be issued. Although it came as a shock and the timing is regarded as unfortunate sources maintain it should not affect the Newcastle deal. Indeed facilitated, partly, by discreet interventions from the UK government, which is understood to be in favour of Newcastle’s Saudi-led takeover, a diplomatic compromise in the Saudi/Qatari broadcast war seemed about to be brokered. Instead came the surprise announcement from the Saudi General Authority for Competition (GAC) stating that beIN Sports’ licence to broadcast was cancelled permanently and Qatar fined 10m Saudi riyals (£2.1m). So to be clear - it was the right hand not talking to the left hand in Saudi Arabia, and has come as a shock to basically everyone involved. What is the point in being an authoritarian dictatorship if shit like this can happen ffs.
  15. Other games 2019/2020

    Please, please let them stay up It's everything that shitehawk of an owner deserves.
  16. mackem messageboard gold

    Are you saying you think they'll finish second? I think they're going to struggle for playoffs again - parachute payments are done and their owner is clearly not interested in spending his way out. Plus they'll also have to factor in the 3 newly relegated teams.
  17. Yes but the PL now has to either support SA, or support BeIn - there's not exactly a middleground here. It's not obvious to me that they'll go for SA unless they really have tied all this up and they're also ok with SA rubbing salt into the wound.
  18. I'm having a hard time believing that the PL would so openly bloody the nose of an existing rights partner tbh... Having said that, I also feel as though this wouldn't have happened without a conclusion having been reached one way or the other, unless the whole situation with NUFC is far less important to SA than we think it is.
  19. Why is the world run by children, seriously.
  20. Europe --- In or Out

    Aye maybe HMHM can adopt everyone here who doesn't have access The rest of us will be second class citizens in our own country ffs.
  21. Only in America

    That makes it sound kinda grim tbh - as I understand it, most of the family oppose his execution and have campaigned for him to be spared. They've come up with this as a means of delaying his sentence being carried out I believe. I mean he's a white supremacist psycho who killed 3 of their family so I would have understood, if not condoned, their wanting the death penalty. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/29/us/arkansas-federal-death-penalty.html
  22. Watford, anyone? Anyone? FFS!

    Sobered up at last?
  23. General Random Conversation..

    Bruh... (This seems to be the standard term for the kids these days.)
  24. Politics

  25. Politics

    No alternative really, but I've seen quite a lot of "working class people" claiming that this is politics working for them. Agree but I was saying this to someone recently and his response was "Ah, so you're becoming a Tory". Fucked if you do, fucked if you don't.

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