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  1. They're going to announce the heat death of the universe before this fucking takeover.
  2. Politics

    So he's actually the follow up to Boris Johnson then, not Cummings.
  3. mackem messageboard gold

    What that post really indicates tbh is that they don't care how shite they are, whatsoever, as long as we're vaguely in there with them. They'd be happy being the joint worst team in all of professional football as long as we were the other one. All this "Sonny knows his place, Sonny may be a fucking retard, but at least he knows to doff his cap to the big kids". Servile fucks. In my entire time talking to Newcastle fans about football, not once has one of them ever said to me "I don't mind how shite we are as long as the mackems aren't doing better". I know we all know this but it amazes me that they can't see it for the life of them.
  4. mackem messageboard gold

    What the gibbering fuck is wrong with whoever wrote that.
  5. mackem messageboard gold

    https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/sunderland-will-oppose-a-flat-salary-cap.1522210/ A flat salary cap would be fairly terminal for Sunderland, right? As in, it would effectively mean they can only get promoted through proper management and not just spending past everyone else. The whole "big club" factor is muted considerably. They're a shite club in general, and they absolutely deserve everything they get, but they are also monumentally unlucky It's like the universe wants them to burn.
  6. Politics

    He's from County Durham or something right? Maybe he fancies himself as the second Cumming.
  7. Politics

    I do not understand the right wing internet community - who the fuck is Darren Grimes, and why would anyone listen to a word he says? He appears to be 15 years old, and mentally about 5 years younger. He has no insights, no honesty, just nothing. Why is he a "thing" in the internet right? As for Starkey, he's always been a belligerent old fuck but at least his age is some excuse.
  8. From the Guardian's MBM: I’m so pleased for Steve Bruce, who was the subject of some disgraceful ridicule earlier in the season. First he stabilised Newcastle defensively; now he has got them playing some lovely attacking football.
  9. Europe --- In or Out

    Chinese don't do dual nationality so not unless you renounce your British citizenship I fear..! Having said that, we already enjoy visa free access to HK (if memory serves).
  10. Europe --- In or Out

    I was insufficiently cynical about a lad named Brian who asked us to do a survey on brown rats. Hope that clears it up.
  11. Europe --- In or Out

    You clearly don't know many Chinese women
  12. Europe --- In or Out

    Those people don't qualify though, right? Only people born before 1997 qualify for this, so the young people on the streets don't make the cut sadly (well, up to 24 years old). Let's hope they don't come over primed and "grateful" to the Tories though.
  13. Europe --- In or Out

    Absolutely. But so is freedom of movement across Europe, is all I mean. I agree with them on this but I think it makes them rank hypocrites for all this immigration bullshit.
  14. Europe --- In or Out

    In fairness to the Brexiteers, from a hypocrisy standpoint, I'm seething about it too.
  15. Did I miss some casual racism from Noelle? There's hardly anything that gets removed on here ffs
  16. Nah, Brian didn't appreciate it last time.
  17. The guy was clear and to the point which overwhelmed my short attention span, so I filled it in Good luck with your research. This one is more like 3 mins for anyone thinking of filling it in.
  18. Same I guess the fact that he's a poor manager doesn't change the fact that he seems like a decent fella.
  19. The Saudis will be far better informed about what is going on than we are though. It's not like they'll be twisting in the wind alongside us, the PL will be sending them updates and letting them know what is going on and what stage we're at. Same for Ashley tbh.
  20. 18% possession Have we ever had a half of football with a possession stat that low? That's sub-Pardew even.
  21. Politics

    All sounds very familiar Having said that I'm not entirely sure that the left wing contingent of the Labour party are the same as the SJW left. I think they're two different factions. He is clearly talking about the SJW left but identity politics weren't a big part of the Corbyn movement. They're insufferable for different reasons ofc, and his overall claims will have some overlap between the two groups I'm sure. And while Lawrence Fox may not be a racist, he's still an unmitigated cunt.
  22. What did you do or say to earn that?
  23. Free transfer direct replacement for Elliot who I assume is out of contract this summer. On the balance sheet it's probably close to identical. I doubt it'll be a sticking point.
  24. Funny pictures thread

    So he's a TERF Presumably that's why he went onto Mumsnet's feminist forum, to find some solidarity. People are fucking weird man, what impact could trans people possibly have had on his life that he's so determined to be involved in the discussion?
  25. Online Survey

    Wouldn't stop the comment being true

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