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  1. @The Fish Who do you think we should aim for? I'm lost in the sea of names now and tbh it's starting to get a bit tedious.
  2. Head says we lose this. Still don't think we're quite there yet, or at least I'm not used to the idea that we might be. Heart says we win 2-0.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/football/who-scored-blog/2022/aug/10/newcastle-europe-joelinton-bruno-guimaraes-midfield-eddie-howe A couple of days ago I was reading one of those articles about Manchester that comes up every now and again - how shit they are, what the flavour of their crisis is now. And I was annoyed by it. After all these years, we still have to talk about that empty shell of a club on its perpetual downward journey. When, I thought, will they write about my club just for the hell of it? And here we are. Not even written by Louise Taylor. Comments open too, so you can see the sheer, unadulterated fume by the mentally feeble. We're starting to get somewhere.
  4. What the fuck is going on anymore man. I know we've purged most of the Tories from this board already but it's a shame in this instance as I'd really like one of them to tell me if this is what they think good governance looks like.
  5. If he can play wide right I'd take that solution, sounds perfect.
  6. Good luck Renton - glad you're well enough to be out of hospital at least.
  7. Agreed, especially after their victory over (an admittedly hopeless and unimpressive) Manure. If we win this mind, I think I might actually start to get a bit carried away - but in truth I think it'll be a draw at best. I don't think we're quite there yet on taking wins off teams in good form on their home turf.
  8. Good metaphor for for the club in general tbh. A vehicle for transporting an entity with no future and which moves people to tears.
  9. I would have said Arsenal if all of this were happening last summer but it seems they might have turned a corner at last - which is good because I think we might be something of a bogey team for them, especially at SJP. They can't handle the noise IMO. Has to be Man United. Long overdue as well.
  10. Well said from everyone but I second this in particular. One day at a time and just keep going with it.
  11. What is Gordon's position exactly? What is he meant to do well? To me, last time we played them, he looked like a squirrel on crack. Not sure how that translates into our team, though I guess it could be useful in the press.
  12. Hope's argument there seems to be that Bruno can play better than he did, and maybe he can, but is that the metric? So if you stuck me in there and I played the game of my life but barely hitting a 0.5/10 by any normal footballing standard, he'd give me a 9? Whether he had his best game or not, Bruno ties the whole team together.
  13. Fair - I'm not so much saying they should be replaced as observing based on who we're linked with, what the thinking might be. Agree Willock was solid enough. I mean tbh I thought Almiron - frustrating as he was - was decent too. I just can't think who else they'd be looking to improve on beyond those two.
  14. We seem less interested in an out and out forward as someone who can join midfield to attack, which suggests keeping the faith in Wilson and Wood for another season - fair enough too given that even with them not in the equation, the team still has goals in it. So we're looking to replace Willock and Almiron, presumably, if anyone. I agree with the defensive points incidentally, as much as I'm still struggling to get used to the idea of Newcastle team that can defend. Rafa eased us into that a bit I think Howe's approach might be even better than his was (throughout the team at least).
  15. You've redeemed yourself somewhat with this, good analysis
  16. I wasn't going to even mention it until your comment in this thread fwiw Still, nice to see I'm on the same page as the English Diego
  17. Wilson is a fucking superb striker. He gets injured a fair bit which I think is the only reason he's not considered to be as good as he is, but he's got such an eye for goal and some incredible technique. I don't know how we ended up with him from the Ashley era but it was a real blessing that we did.
  18. Surely there's no way they actually manage to get the daft bellend back into office though - it would be devastating for the party. Although I guess we should be worried about how far gone some of these people seem to be, that they think this is the answer.
  19. Yeah I don't know if that's them underestimating us, or them underestimating the league, but you genuinely get the impression they thought they were shit hot coming into this season
  20. Aye and we're better off saving the money to spend later on better players once we've made a bit of progress - which is why, presumably, they're so determined to find value at the moment. I really don't think we should be worried - we have a good team, we were never going to be assaulting the top spots this season no matter who we brought in, and we're looking hungry and ambitious. And growing the right way, I might add. Lots to be positive about, just need to enjoy the journey.
  21. It was an attempt to close off a line of conversation that I think has gone on a bit too much for a space in which you don't know what everyone's experiences are, but thanks for that Dave. Along with almost word for word plagiarising my Man Utd argument in the Other Games thread from literally the page before, I can see you're on top form today
  22. I really hope we have no victims of child abuse on here...
  23. This refusal to accept that their era of dominance has ended is what, IMO, keeps this slow motion car crash going. They need to give it up and settle to their current natural level, before they can move forward again. Trying to reinvent themselves while retaining the champions league slots was always going to be a fool's errand. Their entire strategy is short termist and therefore is continuously exposed. If they had just accepted the order of things a season or two after Ferguson left, drifted down to midtable and started putting the foundations down for a new team and dynasty, they'd quite possibly be back threatening at the top by now. Instead they've milked their past successes to death like an aging hollywood actor and spammed money around as if they were Real Madrid, with those millions achieving incredibly poor value against how far money from other clubs goes, but just about keeping them hanging on. Sit down, take the medicine, spend a few years in midtable. Or continue to be a rolling spectacle of deluded wannabes, clinging on by the fingernails to European slots and relevance, but with no identity, plan or soul. It was funny for a long time but they're increasingly reminding me of the sort of people who harp on about the glory days of the British empire now. It's over, it's done, try to actually build something and move forward for fucks sake. This is just sad now. EDIT: To clarify mind, I'd be more than happy for them to drift into total obscurity and for that to just be the end of it. No loss whatsoever iyam. They're heading that way no matter what though, and frankly I'd prefer it if they'd just get the fuck out of our way.
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