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  1. What is the point in our democratic system when politicians can just deliberately avoid answering the question until the asker gives up. It's not skillful or clever wordsmanship, it's just complete horseshit. I know this isn't new but it feels like the post Brexit Tories have really stepped up with this. How can we possibly have gotten to a point where Sunak can totally avoid the question like this and proceedings just continue on? It's disgraceful. You wouldn't see this lack of accountability in nursery school amongst the toddlers ffs.
  2. Do they really have a load of wonderkids? BTW thanks for replies on Kane - read all of them, good points made. Just going to chalk it up to the boring perception since the word "beige" is what I think of whenever I see his name.
  3. I mean, I might underrate those abilities but clearly most of you lot don't. I don't think I've ever watched the guy and thought "damn, what a player". Granted, I don't watch spurs and only vaguely follow England, but whenever I see him he looks devoid of ideas and in need of someone else to do most of the heavy lifting for him. I think Wilson is a more technically gifted player even if he's not as prolific. I'm very aware that this is a minority view and that I am very likely wrong, but I just haven't seen what everyone else sees I guess.
  4. What is it that he does well in his actual game that allows him to score so much? "Well" in this case meaning better than average for most PL players. His technique, whenever I see him, is ok. Aerial play is ok. Maybe positioning is what he's so good at? Obviously I do accept that he must be very good at something, but like fuck can I describe what it is I don't think I'll ever rate him but again suspect that I'm just wrong.
  5. Suspect there are many good reasons why we're wrong mate, but this is also my view and I'm tired of pretending otherwise
  6. We were ok, all the usual issues of not being able to score coming into it though. Not yet the finished article, and I guess to win things, you need to be closer to it than we are. At least they made a good game of it.
  7. Nervous as fuck. A chance to finally kick this stupid fucking trophy drought once and for all, and to properly achieve something as a football club. If we win this, I will never hear from anyone that the League Cup is a meaningless competition. I'll defend it to the fucking death for what it would mean to our club in this moment, even if we piled League Titles and CLs on top of it. Howay the lads!
  8. I think with days like yesterday, whatever our feelings on it, it's worth remembering that we're going to get the last laugh on this and every other score that needs settling over the coming years.
  9. Rest in peace Christian. Sounds like he was a very good man.
  10. I think he'll be good for us. He'll fit the pressing style well, he's high intensity too. The guy has been a detestable twat every time we've played them but I imagine a few of our current players are viewed in a similar way. This deal doesn't shake my faith tbh, I think once Howe is done with him he'll be a better version of an already decent player.
  11. I honestly believe that this process of going round the houses with you about certain minor details in your posting is how a lot of people on here show affection for you
  12. On the contrary, I would have hoped someone with your social expertise would have appreciated the concept I was putting forward at an abstract level
  13. Starting to feel like Evolution of Language 101 in here. Did we have a game yesterday, feels like a distant memory now...
  14. For christ sake, man I have the utmost respect for your knowledge of the game, it far exceeds my own I am quite sure. I thought that would go without saying. I wasn't calling you less informed. I can see how you've read it that way but that's simply because I didn't make sufficient clarifications on my post. There are of course other groups of people who will enjoy talking about football at a technical level using these terms - you use these terms because you find them easier in the communication of abstract concepts to others - that's fine - but I imagine you'd understand these concepts without those terms too. Therefore, the language makes it easier to communicate the ideas outside of specialised groups more so than within them (it may well help within them, but only if everyone agrees on a shared meaning, and if it doesn't lead to 3 pages of back and forth ). It wasn't a holistic case spanning all demographics, it was simply a single point that was actually supposed to be supportive of your position.
  15. Fuck me You wouldn't have believe we'd just won the away leg of our first semi final in years on the reading of this thread... I've never heard of a low block but if it helps Fish sleep at night, more power to him. Defining abstract concepts does tend to help people who are less informed though, so maybe for the veteran, seasoned fans of the game it's needless - but for the younger generation or more casual observers I can see it having some merit.
  16. The pain of the jokes in this thread today
  17. It's not even all of January They started that thread on Thursday ffs. They've managed 72 pages in 4 days the mad bastards.
  18. 14 shots and 6 on target vs Fulham's 4 shots and 0 on target. I know there's more to it than that but honestly if we could just find consistency in front of goal we'd be winning games far more easily than this. Great to get the win in the end though, never seen the like with that penalty mind
  19. Just to check, are you arguing with me and if so, on which point? Or is this agreement? I'm a bit confused now. The problem with these subjects is it's very difficult to have a straight conversation on it without having to repeatedly qualify everything being said to ensure people don't take things the wrong way. I did try to do this so I'm wary of potentially having failed and the need to clarify.
  20. For someone with an anti-semitic agenda it is indeed potentially harmful to do so. For students of structural racism, it would be a relevant consideration. If what she's saying is factually true (and I don't know either) then we are left to make judgements as to her implied meaning - and as I said, I do understand why you've taken it the way you have, I can see that in full. I was just curious really if she was wrong on that single point.
  21. I get that point, and I did reference that 'dog whistle' in my original post on it. No arguments from me on that.
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