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  1. We don't need De Gea, Dubravka is a perfectly competent keeper and it's only fair he gets a crack at this anyway.
  2. You know, I can't think of a better explanation than this. This is quite literally what happened Maybe I really do have a problem.
  3. Wow. Actually it is sorry of hard to think of an alternative.
  4. It is what it is, and we would have had to go out to try to beat Milan in the final game either way tbh. It's not like we could have gambled on PSG getting a draw in Dortmund. I'm still just really proud of the team as my main emotion following that. If we end up in the Europa League, fine. If we qualify despite this, great. In the end I still never thought I'd see days like this return, and as unfair as that penalty was, at least we're here in the first place. Getting screwed by VAR at the highest level of the game
  5. Well fucking done lads, absolute heroes. Genuinely proud to have this team representing the city.
  6. A few people saying this but I'm sure I recall reading on either here or elsewhere that only 2 or 3 of our injuries are muscle problems that you might expect from training intensity. The majority are impact damage issues, I.e. from challenges and so on.
  7. Israel exists, so there is no reasonable question to be had now around whether it should or not. It does. All I want is for people to stop dying.
  8. I am both too. I consider wanting Israel to relent to be a pro-Israel position on the basis that what they are doing makes this neverending. We don't disagree on outcomes, or the value of lives, we just disagree on why this is happening.
  9. I'd rather not debate it. As I said, I understand why Israel feels that the destruction of so many innocent lives is necessary.
  10. You have once again missed the main thrust of my post and zeroed in on something that bothers you. I am going to stop engaging with you on this both out of respect for your closeness to the issue, and out of respect for my own point of view which is getting lost in translation.
  11. I would find a way forward driven by compassion but that is because I understand the issue as one of oppressed vs oppressor, whereas you view it is a race/culture/religion war. I am not saying you are wrong, just highlighting the difference in our views. In my view, it obviously becomes possible for the oppressor to take steps to redeem the situation. If I viewed it as a an existential race war (or however Israel sees this), I would do what Israel is doing. I have stopped judging Israel for this, I have accepted their view is what it is, and that is why I have said that they must continue to destroy people until they are safe. What I won't do of course is stop putting it this bluntly. I think it is important that we understand what we are accepting.
  12. It hasn't had any strategic success against Hamas that I am aware of, but if you read my posts I indicated that this was why, if Israel is committed to "wiping out Hamas", it cannot stop here. If it did stop here, then all of those deaths would be for absolutely nothing. It has to keep burning, razing and destroying until it has defeated Hamas. It is the only way it can justify the loss of life we are seeing. It cannot just 'stop'. However I did not at any point say it was lashing out at the Palestinian people, which is how you phrased it. It is lashing out at Hamas in the same way the US lashed out at the Taliban.
  13. I haven't suggested this.
  14. I think the point is that there is no logic to this though. This is a case of a government lashing out because it feels it needs to be seen to be doing something, no matter how horrific it is. See also Afghanistan.
  15. They have to continue with it now, they can't just "learn" that with 11k dead. I agree with you completely but if they stop now then they've killed 11k innocents for no reason at all.
  16. Oh ffs lads, I'm shit at stuff like this. I mean my honest inner lens on Broken Doll is something like this: It'll be the avatar, amazing how much they influence things like this Sorry man. So ok if @thebrokendoll can give us @strawb I would actually be genuinely curious for stalking scientific purposes.
  17. If Israel has decided that the only way it can keep itself safe is by destroying Hamas outright then we are all going to have to make peace with an incredible body count of innocents and children. Problem is they've achieved jack shit so far in terms of defending themselves though. All they've done is kill 11k people, as far as I know they've not had any significant strategic successes versus Hamas leadership. So based on the incredibly narrow view that we seem to be moving down here, no, the dial has not swing past the right to defend themselves yet. They've achieved nothing but death so far.
  18. What was that saying in American politics, something about how your average voters see themselves as temporarily displaced millionaires or words to this effect? I put it down to that.
  19. Fair enough, then Biden and I have no issue.
  20. But that's not what my point actually is. My point isn't whether or not a ceasefire is possible, it's whether Biden at some point decides that he has to call for one because we have hit some predetermined number of deaths that are unacceptable. I noticed Biden called for a 'Pause' last week, unofficially. Testing the waters, I felt. I was enraged by this because it means that somewhere in the US, someone is calculating what an acceptable number of deaths is before the US calls time on their support for what is happening. I'm really, really not calling Israel into this point at all - for me this is entirely about weak political leadership in the West. So if Starmer and Biden do not believe a ceasefire is the way forward, fine, but then they better still be saying that at 100k dead. Or 500k. Or a million. They better still be saying that as the last child in Gaza is killed. Because if they're not, then it means that they were just waiting for an acceptable number before saying anything. I find the very idea of that repellent and sickening. None of which has anything to do with Israel's position which is, genuinely, far more sincere.
  21. How is that relevant to my point?
  22. No mate, for fucks sake. I'm not actually talking about Israel whatsoever here other than as the context upon which to talk about the US. I am saying that there are two options out of this. One is a ceasefire. The other is the total annihilation of Hamas. Further to that, I am saying that at this point, with 10k dead, Biden better fucking believe that the only way out of this is the annihilation of Hamas, because if he turns around later at 20 or 30k dead and calls for a ceasefire, all I'm going to think is that for BIDEN PERSONALLY the key consideration in whether or not a ceasefire was the right course of action was how many innocent lives had been lost. None of this has anything to do with Israel's view, which I strongly suspect is that the total annihilation of Hamas is achievable. Israel are not going to suddenly come up with a ceasefire as a policy suggestion on this though, so they will remain consistent to their view.
  23. Can you just try reading the fucking post. I'm not talking about Starmer anyway, I've wrote him off altogether previously.
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