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  1. Politics

    BBC staff express fear of public distrust after election coverage https://www.theguardian.com/media/2019/dec/14/bbc-staff-express-fear-of-public-distrust-after-election-coverage?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard I don't think this is going to be enough from the BBC.
  2. Politics

    In other news, the US press has accused Bernie Sanders, a Jew, of being antisemitic. Wonder where they learned that trick...
  3. Politics

    I spent today chatting with my Dad and he is adamant that we need to have a northern leader for the party (Not Sir Starmer or Thornberry or any of the London "elites"), reconnect, get proportional representation, and never let this shit happen again. He wanted Raynor, Jarvis, someone like that. Was also adamant that getting into recriminations and blaming people for being "stupid" is pointless. We need to move on, learn from it and suck it up. I think he's right but it's annoying because I want to be angry.
  4. Politics

    We need to win the argument with the hard left first.. leaders later. We need to avoid the party falling apart.
  5. Politics

    How do we wrestle control off Momentum? Sign up to Labour now, if you want to change anything.
  6. Politics

    Step 1 - get a centrist, safe Blairite into power with loads of safe policies and a promise to implement PR. Step 2 - do all the left wing shit next time out cos under PR it looks a lot better: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/general-election-results-pr-alternative-voting-system-tories-labour-hung-a9246661.html
  7. Politics

    I also think the plan was too much. But I think it was clear that they had no expectation of winning power and implementing any of it. I actually think they worked out early doors that this election was going to be a disaster.
  8. Politics

    I'd readily take a Blair if it was one with a stronger commitment to left wing views concerning capitalism and the environment. Late stage-capitalism is killing the world at this point, and centrism just isn't going to fix that fast enough. I appreciate that we can't manage to get the public to agree that the left is the answer but whoever we put forward needs to appear centrist and push as far left as they can get away with. And more than anything else, they need to reform the political system to prevent the Tories ever getting back in, even if that means that Labour never get a majority again either. Wouldn't hurt for them to work on properly educating people either.
  9. Politics

    Going to sleep now. I'll be out like a light tbh. Enjoy your shows
  10. Politics

    Protest against what.. it was a democratic exercise, it's just how it is.
  11. Politics

  12. Politics

    It isn't a majority of countrymen Just seats.
  13. Politics

    Still here. Been watching all the right wing Tory boys infecting comment sections all over the place. One just told me that I had been humiliated and that he wanted to see that I would learn that not everything was the Tories fault, and that because the electorate had rejected it, my worldview was therefore wrong. I have to say, from a position of almost total apathy, that little fuckwit might have returned the fire to my belly a bit...
  14. Politics

    I just dont see the point now, may as well just get an early night later
  15. Politics

    Was that post incoherent..?
  16. Politics

    Don't despair just yet. If they don't let Scotland go then we have one final chance at this in 5 years. The price will probably be Scottish independence so we literally only get one shot. The Tories are still useless, and a non useless Labour leader could make the difference. If they get in, bring about PR, change press rules, then we can stop this happening ever again. Brexit is a poisoned chalice still. It just depends on what Labour does next.
  17. Politics

    Cooper seems to be irrationally hated. I've asked why because i don't get it. Thornberry would be good, would be happy with that.
  18. Politics

    Also many will have lent their votes to other parties. Just checked the Labour forum on Facebook and Starmer looks popular. Along with JLB though.
  19. Politics

    Part of me hopes that several of the Labour voters who went for the Tories this time have a nagging sense of "what have we done". I doubt the intention was a victory this convincing. They'll know what Johnson is about, too. I still think that anyone objecting to Corbyn has no need to go Tory. So many of them went straight across the aisle here it's just bizarre if the issue was just him.
  20. Politics

    But they do matter to the left wing that any centrist taking over Labour needs to keep on side. This whole point came from an attempt to suggest that if the centrists do somehow manage to take control again, they need to keep the left on board. Somehow.
  21. Politics

    I'm not trying to put lipstick on anything, I think they're fucked. Permanently. I've said it repeatedly.
  22. Politics

    Also, again, I'm kind of trying to suggest how we get the broad church back. I'm now about 30 hours without sleep so maybe I'm totally incoherent at this point.
  23. Politics

    Johnson just won an election, that's not going to help us. Just winning isn't everything. Policies matter.
  24. Politics

    I didn't say it was, hence suggesting we leave austerity out. All i meant to imply was that the offering needs to be strong. More left than centre.
  25. Politics

    So how are you proposing we get the left on board with austerity lite? Maybe we leave that particular policy on the bonfire. I wonder if all of this could have been avoided if Labour just opposed austerity properly... maybe Corbyn would never have been elected. As I've said before, I was going Cooper up until I read his manifesto and the party broadly voted to punish poor people in some timely vote on austerity around the same time. But anyway, if the centrists want to take the party back, it's gonna have to be seriously convincing stuff. Winning elections should be front and centre but it can't be everything.

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