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  1. I went the same way as Fish and Alex but on balance of discussion, I think I've been converted to seeing it the other way.
  2. Just having a quick scan - everyone they're linked with is "worse than Parkinson". I'm curious who they really thought they'd get tbh. Either way the trajectory is set in stone no matter what. They hate whoever it is until he signs, then once he signs they all 'get behind him, get behind the shirt" etc, before giving him the first 45 mins of his first game, deciding he's shite and then proceeding to destroy any chance the poor bastard has through extreme toxicity, all the while claiming to be "the best fans in the world FTM". Rinse and repeat.
  3. Interesting choice... is he actually any good?
  4. I meant more the debate about the extent of the antisemitism doesn't matter, rather than the antisemitism itself. Corbyn and his wing have lost this fight, and I didn't really bring up the EHRC thing in order to re-run the argument - it was more to demonstrate that the EHRC could probably do with questioning itself over the same lines of enquiry that it charged Labour, the hypocritical fucks.
  5. I'm not going to get headlong back into this and respect your opinion on the matter, but I've read things which suggest that "the political interference from the leaders office in the processes" were actually to speed up the handling of the complaints rather than to slow them down. I think the truth of this issue is that there were some instances of legitimate antisemitism, and some instances of actual sabotage to make the party look bad. If Corbyn's office did try to speed up handling, then the EHRC has pulled them up on a context free technicality that doesn't match the spirit of what the re
  6. It does not. It does rather confirm my view that the only reason anyone with authority or power cared was to be able to weaponise the issue, however. Clearly this guy who led the inquiry doesn't actually give a shit. Corbyn should have done better, he should have seen it coming and cracked down. He enabled antisemitism through inaction. However, I'm going to struggle to believe that this wasn't just a convenient excuse in the end for a great many of those who picked it up as a cause. Which, for all our arguments on this issue, is more or less what I said to
  7. From what I have seen, people who get behind rallying cries like "Defund the police" are already so disillusioned with the political system that they don't care how the message is received because they no longer believe in democracy as a means for change. They now have greater faith in organised protest and public mischief. So yeah, nice points from Obama, and I agree with him, but he's speaking to other moderates with that message. He's speaking to people who still believe that the system works. Not the people who are carrying those messages.
  8. Thanks for this, feel a bit better about it now. It's just hard to trust this government in any sense whatsoever.
  9. Ok so the MHRA has approved it which might be more reassuring than just the government coming out and announcing it. Are they 'independent' in the same way that the EHRC has been shown to be 'independent' or are they actually credible?
  10. With January 1st, 2021 as Day 1 of our new post-EU reality, I think we can safely say that 2021 will not be alright after all.
  11. So we have approved this vaccine ahead of even Trump... Factors in the decision presumably including: 1 - Brexit is imminent and the country won't survive the twin crisis. 2 - It can be painted as some kind of crazy success story. 3 - The government is tired of dealing with this and wants it to go away so that their primary policy goal of shameless corruption can be pursued with less scrutiny. 4 - What could possible go wrong anyway 5 - Common sense, another victory for. This government is not competent enough to be trusted in taking a le
  12. They have a thread that was started at almost 2pm this afternoon, confirming that Poyet had signed. It has now reached 80 pages. The first 20 pages of it is joy and euphoria, the rest is swinging wildly looking for people to blame and cursing their fathers for raising them as Sunderland fans https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/gus-has-signed-ed-or-maybe-he-hasnt.1535224/
  13. That's really interesting (and not too surprising). Is it within acceptable norms for testing durations at roughly a year?
  14. Does this mean we get to delay the game or are we just fucked?
  15. Today I learned that the EHRC board is made up of political appointments, including people who have either worked for or donated to the Tory party, and who post in support of fairly right wing views about Islamophobia and misogyny despite criticising Labour as not having done enough to investigate identical actions by members concerning antisemitism. I'm not saying this discredits their report on Labour, although the guy in question here actually led the report on Labour apparently but I'm pretty appalled by the sorts of people working for them and will apply more scrutiny to them
  16. I would go so far as to say that she created the recent trans shitstorm she was part of with an eye on publicity for her book. "Women are afraid of trans people, this is a serious issue I feel strongly about" followed by "here is my book which features a trans serial killer attacking women". Pathetic.
  17. Aye, totally agree with this. Depressing that some people don't realise the consequences of their words.
  18. There really is. That has to be the reason people are doing it.
  19. I despise Lawrence Fox, he's just another "political" opportunist who has slithered through the basement door left open by Brexit. Created his own political party ffs. The arrogance of the man is almost as repellent as his views.
  20. Have to say like, not entirely sure that particular post will resonate with the majority of people I doubt most Brexiteers will care in the slightest.
  21. Methven is the one who claimed people from the north didn't understand business, right? This was their PR man, iirc. Every single part of their existence feels like some kind of parody, it's bizarre.
  22. Sacked for what, they're 8th with a game in hand that could see them up to 3rd They're a bang average League One Team that stood a decent chance of getting the playoffs. Presumably we can expect the Bearded Wonder to weigh in on this. Maybe he's going to announce himself as the next manager.
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