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  1. I have a begrudging respect for Zlatan. I don't know where the man ends and the persona begins but he's a classic example of someone who is going through his entire life without letting anyone else touch him. He lives life entirely as he sees fit and doesn't make trade offs for other people.


    I admire this I think because I'm very much the opposite. Hard to imagine Zlatan apologising as often as I do :D 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Alex said:

    It’s the arrogance of those in the wider party who don’t think they need it and can win an election via fptp 


    Who are these people in Labour who think this, seriously. You never seem to see anyone brave enough to actually come out and say it but it remains party policy.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Howay said:

    I think honestly it’s his injuries, he’s looked a bit nervous compared to his old self but I think he could recover from that but the main issue I think is he’s only managed about half our games the last two seasons. 


    If it is injuries it might explain why we get a younger keeper to come in as well - both of them get game time. Harder to sell next season since we only have domestic competition, but once we crack Europe it'll ensure both players get game time IMO.


    Fair point anyway.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, Howmanheyman said:



    If someone said that within a couple of months, Ashley, Penfold and Bruce would be gone then that's your season buzz right there and the goal we wanted to achieve at the beginning of the season. :ok:


    Aye and honestly, if you'd have said "you get all this but it'll come with relegation" I still would have snapped your hand off. Instead we were taken over by one of the largest investment firms in the world, avoided relegation in some style, played some decent football for once, turned around the fortunes of several struggling players, brought in some gold standard players alongside that, and pissed off/terrified the rest of the league in the process.


    Can you imagine if someone said, at the start of the season, that this was where we'd end up? We'd think he was off his fucking rocker.

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  5. From that thread:


    Another tough league but I really believe we will make a good account of ourselves. The f***ing gaffer is amazing with us. Maybe he’s found his team. His interview where he interrupts and says “I’m going to give them a wee wave” made me punch the air.




    The problem for AN is that if he doesn't have them challenging top half at the very least, the crowd will get restless and get on his back and we all know where that ends. I reckon it's too early to say where they end up - no chance they'll get promoted first time of asking.

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  6. 4 minutes ago, LondonBlue said:


    for me the dream was to go into any game knowing we have a decent chance of winning and i'm living it.


    Now that the season is done i can relax and press F5 on the transfer centre for three months




    Yeah that last bit is going to be a novelty for us - last summer we did iirc, absolutely fuck all. If we can crack the top 6 over the next 2-3 years (and given the decline of Arsenal and Man Utd, I don't think that's impossible) then I think we'll all be thrilled on here.

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  7. They have a thread complaining that the BBC hasn't given them sufficient attention on Look North.


    "BBC Look Newcastle".





    They're fucking weapons man, almost to a man. No other club in the country, not one club anywhere, will have whacked up a thread about whether or not their latest achievement received sufficient coverage on the BBC regional news.

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  8. :lol:


    Have to say mind, responses so far are entirely based on whataboutery. I mean we all know that none of the people giving us a hard time about this do actually give a fuck about the issues - we probably give more of a fuck tbh - but stuff like this really does show how vapid and disingenuous these attacks are. Not only do they not care, clearly, about the human component of the matters they bring up - they're also actively capitalising on them, using the plight of these people to sling mud in a local rivalry. 


    That's not limited to the mackems mind, I think you could apply that to everyone in football who gets worked up about this shit.

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  9. I want them to lose here because honestly I don't think they'll go back down again if they go up. I mean they're not getting out of the championship anytime soon but I'm fairly sure they'll consolidate without getting relegated next season if they do go up.


    Sadly, I reckon this is probably where (this particular aspect of) the hilarity of Sunderland's plight ends.

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