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  1. Today I learned that the EHRC board is made up of political appointments, including people who have either worked for or donated to the Tory party, and who post in support of fairly right wing views about Islamophobia and misogyny despite criticising Labour as not having done enough to investigate identical actions by members concerning antisemitism.


    I'm not saying this discredits their report on Labour, although the guy in question here actually led the report on Labour apparently :lol:but I'm pretty appalled by the sorts of people working for them and will apply more scrutiny to them in future. I was under the impression that they were an independent body of equal rights campaigners, not a collective of Tory stooges. 


    EHRC: Labour failed to act on party members liking offensive tweets.


    Also EHRC: Muslims should be banned from entering Europe.



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  2. 1 minute ago, Tom said:

    Absolutely, it’s not just her tweets but her essays and lectures on the subjects. Oh and that she’s wrote a book about a trans serial killer that some shops refuse to stock.

    For the past couple of years I’ve attended a Trans Day of Remembrance with a non binary friend and the violence they are subjected to is nightmarish. Over 400 were killed last year & over 300 the year before.

    It’s not a great leap to suggest that a hugely anti-trans influential person who weighs in on the subject has exacerbated things somewhat


    I would go so far as to say that she created the recent trans shitstorm she was part of with an eye on publicity for her book. "Women are afraid of trans people, this is a serious issue I feel strongly about" followed by "here is my book which features a trans serial killer attacking women".



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  3. 37 minutes ago, Tom said:


    The problem is he’s still an influential person, so like JK Rowling & Donald Trump their little tweets manifest themselves as physical violence for a lot of vulnerable people.


    Aye, totally agree with this. Depressing that some people don't realise the consequences of their words.

  4. I despise Lawrence Fox, he's just another "political" opportunist who has slithered through the basement door left open by Brexit. Created his own political party ffs. The arrogance of the man is almost as repellent as his views.

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  5. Sacked for what, they're 8th with a game in hand that could see them up to 3rd :lol:


    They're a bang average League One Team that stood a decent chance of getting the playoffs.


    Presumably we can expect the Bearded Wonder to weigh in on this. Maybe he's going to announce himself as the next manager.

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  6. Starmer seems determined to push ahead with this idea that voting for the deal will win back red wall voters, despite the fact that when it all goes horribly wrong Labour will spend the rest of the term having valid criticism shot down with "but you voted for it!"

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  7. 8 minutes ago, S Norman said:

    It started with a New York Post article who published some of Hunter Biden’s emails on his allegedly dodgy dealings in the Ukraine. The article was quickly dismissed by left leaning publications as Russian disinformation propaganda without them having any evidence of this.


    I only really followed this through Taibi



    As far as I’m aware Greenwald simply wanted to dig a bit deeper and find out whether there is any truth in the Post’s claims, but was discouraged by his editors on the basis, that pusuing the story would hurt the Biden campaign. 


    Well, having read the Intercept's response it's hard to really get a sense for which side is telling the truth or not:



  8. 13 minutes ago, S Norman said:

    This is happening everywhere. Glenn Greenwald has been forced to quit Intercept recently.  



    Substack is becoming the platform for unbiased investigative journalism 


    I've not gone into the Grenwald stuff in too much detail but as I understand it, he was trying to publish unsubstantiated reports about Biden. I'm open minded on this but has any evidence come to light that weighs in favour of one side or the other?

  9. 11 minutes ago, ewerk said:

    That would be a mistake IMO. They shouldn’t vote against but voting for the deal means that when Starmer criticises the deal at any point over the next four years then the Tories are going to come back every time with ‘well you voted for it’. Abstaining wouldn’t be the best tactic to win back the ‘red wall’ but overall would be the safest option.


    Presumably the red wall seats are more important than the ability to say 'I told you so' as far as Starmer is concerned. Suggests that in reality, they think Brexit had a much bigger influence on last year's election than they've let on.


    I think they're damned either way - this move will cost them votes too.

  10. Is it not still the case though that the economy can and should bounce back from this to pre-2020 levels? This is a sort of controlled/managed drop rather than a complete structural collapse like 2008. In 2008 there was no immediately obvious way to turn the lights back on, this time it should be a case simply of lifting lockdown.


    Of course, whether Brexit permits any of that to happen is something else entirely.

  11. Just now, Dr Gloom said:

    i was struck by what she said about being censored more by the left than the right. "the left" in this country really has got itself into a bit of a pickle. 



    Yes absolutely, the left has been far too intolerant of opposing views and dialogue for some time. I've fallen foul of it myself.


    It does sound though from another line she's put in there, that it's more pressure coming from Guardian US than it is from Guardian UK. And the left wing movement in the US over social justice issues is far more highly charged (rightly) than it is here. Another example perhaps of a 'broad church' organisation not really being able to live up to what it claims to.

  12. 19 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:

    I was sad to hear Suzanne Moore was forced to leave the Guardian. Here she explains why 



    Thanks for sharing that, it's a fascinating insight. I don't have the highest opinion of Moore, I think she's a thinly veiled misandrist, but it's illuminating how the Guardian has effectively shunted her out over trans rights issues. I'm on the Guardian side of that debate in truth, I think a lot of the pushback from feminists is coming from this idea that trans people are now coming to be seen as more 'hard done by' than women in their eyes - having said that, she absolutely should be able to make her views clear without 300+ colleagues denouncing her ffs.


    I won't miss her columns but I'm sorry to hear it ended in the way it did.

  13. Does the Magna Carta have provisions in it for pandemics? :lol:


    This is all presumably coming from this bullshit notion that the Magna Carta is a serviceable substitute for an actual constitution.

  14. I remember a few people saying, some years ago when this was all kicking off, that maybe Brexit is what this country needs to finally move on from the Imperial past and embrace a global future. The failure of it will demonstrate to people how deluded our imperialist mindset is.


    Brexit is basically the UK's midlife crisis - divorce the wife, lose all the stability but convince yourself that you're going to be free, like how you used to be. The euphoria lasts for a while before you realise that yeah, you're free, but that you lost all that stability, mutual co-operation and support. Meanwhile your ex wife who missed you to begin with, is now increasingly happy to be shot of you and moving on towards a better future. Your thoughts turn to regrets, what could have been, how good things actually were once - and eventually you turn to drink, put on weight, and wonder what the point of being alive is :cuppa: as a nation, we are living this collectively.

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