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  1. I mean the truth is that for all it's obviously amusing for us on here that you guys are still in League One, it's also fucking crackers man :lol: 4 seasons...


    Is there a concern that if it goes on much longer you'll become institutionalised at that level? I'm half tempted to say that this must have already happened for you to be writing yourselves off for automatic qualification, but you have consistently been in the promotion equation at least.

  2. Actually a really good point - the only clubs who are really going to care about our success longer term are the top tier clubs. Those with delusions of grandeur like Palace, West Ham and Everton will care for a few seasons until we go past them, then they'll just recalibrate and get on with things as usual. I mean the likelihood is that we'll replace an existing top tier club anyway so it doesn't make that much difference for them.


    And as Howay says, the top tier wouldn't sell to each other anyway.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:

    I got loads of shit for making the same points on here when the takeover was first announced. 


    The truth is we all wanted it to happen and we're all prepared to more or less turn a blind eye because we're in the very fortunate position of not actually having been able to influence this at all. So we get the benefits with plausible deniability.


    I don't think any of us were under any illusions about what Saudi stood for before this takeover was on the radar though. But we can simply shrug and say "this is the world we live in". Because it is.

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  4. Just now, Gemmill said:


    I was wondering this as well. They'll no doubt introduce a rule that says you can't be promoted to the PL unless you do it on terms that will hamper your ability to compete with the rest of the division. Like a pack of cunts. 


    I think there's a limit to what they'll actually be able to realistically do before they become anti-competitive - the lawsuits that would come in if they tried to prevent a team from being promoted under the existing terms of the league arrangements would be incredible.

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  5. If we go down, do they not lose any chance of limiting our ability to spend? Can we not use the opportunity to sign several 10 year multi-million pound sponsorships that would constitute pre-existing business relationships that the PL won't be able to veto, and that would just come up with us on promotion?


    I don't think we're going down even if we do limited business in January anyway, I'm convinced Howe can get more out of this team than Bruce did.

  6. 31 minutes ago, Tom said:

    Imagine the contrast between Howe and Bruce. 

    Eddie has been in work since 7am and he’s still running rings around the training pitch and stirring the lads on.


    Bruce ffs


    Howe actually being physically able to run is a key distinction in and of itself.

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  7. It's excessive from the outside looking in but I don't really think it's counter-productive; you don't tend to see trans issues getting anyone except the media and radical feminists worked up tbh.


    Maybe it's useful to the people living that reality though.


    Even if it is though, I don't know what bearing that has on infrastructure and traffic systems. It's just going to cause confusion more than anything else.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Renton said:

    I don't understand, will someone educate me? 


    There are now multiple different kinds of rainbow flag in circulation to signify various gender and sexual orientations. I'm in no way familiar enough with them to know which one this represents, but presumably it's a fairly broad one for the trans community in general.

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  9. 45 minutes ago, safcforever said:

    Can you show me where i said that? 

    Bit weird that you randomly have kids being fingered on your mind 


    We have repeated incursions from generally terrible WUMs on here, typically from your neck of the woods. I accept that you're more in the 'Fish' mould, i.e. seemingly genuinely engaging in discussion - but you're gonna have to fight through a lot of Sunderland related stick to get to the point where it's going to be reciprocated across the board.


    Honestly if I were you I wouldn't bother ;) There isn't really that much sincere discussion on Sunderland on here anyway, you've kind of dipped off our radar in recent years beyond potential takeovers by fellas that look like extras from the Hobbit. You might be better off on NO. If you do stay, you'll need a thick skin.

  10. 14 minutes ago, safcforever said:

    There would be some good options there. Maybe a few loans or buy back deals would work for both parties as it stands.



    I know most people think money is no object but one of the things that slowed Man City down was having all the hangers on being paid big money. so short term deals or loans is what you need for the next 3-5 years 


    You're preaching to the choir there, I'm not at all of the opinion that we either can or should start throwing money around. I agree about loans.


    But either way, we do need to obtain some quality from somewhere.

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  11. We're going to beat Brentford, they looked very poor against Norwich and I really don't think our team is anywhere near as bad as they've been made to look. With some proper organisation and confidence, we should win.


    Season starts here.


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  12. 1 minute ago, Renton said:


    I was talking following an election which represented today's voting indentions, without any cooperation between parties before the GE. It would be much better to hurt the tories by cooperating before a GE but sadly won't happen. Obviously a lot can change, but for the Tories I just can't see any of it being good. This winter and next year are going to hurt everyone financially. 


    Yes, gloating about this recent polling aside, it's taken an awful lot of shit to get us to this point and the year ahead looks incredibly grim. I can't believe so many people voted for this obvious shitstorm.

  13. Just now, Renton said:


    I dunno what will happen if the tories drew with Labour on proportion of the vote. We know the FPTP system benefits them so they would get a lot more seats, but presumably not a majority. And there is no party other than perhaps the ulster unionists that would for a coalition with them. I guess we'd have an unstable coalition of the left of sorts. 


    More importantly, a coalition of the 'let's not fuck over our main trading partner'.


    The Greens would work with Labour and improve them, the LDs I'm always a bit suspicious of but at least as far as the EU goes you could trust them. The SNP would give Labour anything they wanted as long as they were offered another independence vote. It just takes Labour to have a bit of vision to make this a reality.

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