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  1. If only I'd seen your advert when I started! I'm normally a 2h lesson kinda guy. To be honest though, although Elswick is a pain in the arse to get around it's quite good to have learned somewhere that's not totally straightforward. Dunno if I'll be saying that when I'm on test mind! Know any of the examiners round Elswick?? Gateshead is horrible (to drive in) in my opinion. As soon as I go over Newburn Bridge I just wanna turn around and go back to Newcastle. Loads of massive roundabouts as you go over and around TGI Fridays. And that stupid big hill (Blaydon bank??) - who thought that would be a good idea to build a road on!Wouldn't mind the bays there tho, the bays at the Elswick are a bit pokey. Nice one tho for passing n that! Don't tempt me, bunch of b*****ds!! Almost worth failing for!
  2. Sorry... AREEEEET SON! Cheers man. Yeah, have been leaning around there for last couple of months. My instructor is fair crack, def haven't been doing one of those pass in 1 week courses! I think my face would have imploded if I did! Where do you normally take your pupils? Although it sucks, I think I'd rather do Elswick than Gateshead, which seems like one giant multi-lane roundabout with a billion bus lanes. Wouldn't mind a crack at Blyth tho by the sounds of it... I read it was 4? Mmmmmm curry.... Could eat one of those for breakfast like. Nice Jalfrezi on cornflakes with a couple of cans like. Anyone got their test at Elswick coming up? Cheeeeeeeee-az!
  3. Heya, I've got my driving test booked in at Elswick test centre along Scotswood Road next week. Bricking it! Anyone taken their test there recently? Any tips or good crack? Didn't think I'd be nervous....until now!!! TT