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  1. For the first time in the SMB message board history they have more threads about something else other than NUFC This weekend threads about NUFC are put into second place by threads about, poppies.
  2. Just go to the first pub you see, stand on a table and start singing "Newwwwwcastle Newwwwwcastle" a few times. If others join in, you're sorted. If not, run like fuck.
  3. Never mind Carroll or fat sam, will Nolan do the chicken run if he scores ( old Newcastle fans here will know the chicken run and west ham had another meaning in the 80s ) Newcastle to win 3-1
  4. So, you're the freak who sneaks up to people in their cars at Benton Asda, get a life you sad twat
  5. 6 million dead Jews might think you are a tit.
  6. So MOn and McClean didn't wear a poppy, maybe they should have read a bit more history. "Will you wear a poppy?" the lady said And held one forth, but I shook my head. Then I stopped and watched to see how she’d fare Her face was old and lined with care. But beneath the scars the years had made There remained a smile that refused to fade. A boy came whistling down the street Bouncing along on carefree feet. His smile was full of joy and fun "Lady’, he said, "May I have one?" As she pinned it on I heard him say "Why do we wear a poppy today?" The lady smiled in her wistful w
  7. It looks like the bullies bottled it.
  8. NYD


    You again.. stop following me around this site, "Enjoying half term?" Howay ! you can do better than that.
  9. What a great reply, you have told me I forgot the "en" Well done And you still believe someone who has a 30 odd year old partner should be arrested. Blokes like you scare me.
  10. mackems have had fewest shots on target this season sunderland 12 Villa 30 Reading 30 Stoke 30 Newcastle United 33 Norwich 34 Southampton 35
  11. NYD


    Owch ! That really hurt me, probably the best put down, one liner I've ever heard. You really do no how to hurt a persons feelings. "de-sand your vag" That's is just genius, I hope you're happy now, I'll never get over being so insulted.
  12. So a 34 year old is a young girl ? A ridiculous comparison, typical shit stirring by an internet gobshite. And Freddie Star has not be charged.
  13. NYD


    So it's ok to pick up a bargain even if it means someone losing their job ? Fuck them, I've got a cheap telly. Money is money.
  14. He must have thought, " that tit is going to be on telly and will get nicked, what a tit " Then he would have went back to watching a great game of football.
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