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  1. Cheers pal, I didn't take that into account, however it doesn't matter what attendances you had before..... FFS even teams like Brighton and Bournemouth (no disrespect meant) sing it to us! Everyone will forget what happened before you had money, in fact Newcastle will only have history from the point of takeover. Forget the trophies you have won before....they don't exist. The old "Big 4" don't know how to handle being overtaken with the exception of Chelsea. And they control the media so you get it from all angles. But I wouldn't swap it for anything….just enjoy the ride and hop
  2. I knew someone would say that, conveniently forgetting the 16k average you had in 1990?! And in the 1997 you averaged 35k in the prem. I went through the full 35 years of winning nothing and still went in the bad days, so I am can vouch for the hardcore support we continued to have during that period. Yes we now have an additional 10k match going fans from our pre-takeover average in 2008. They are largely made up of fans who picked and choosed previously which games they attended rather than tourists. All I am saying is get your tin hats on, especially if you end up overtaking the
  3. All I would say on the proposed purchase by The Sheik is that when Mansour bought us, there was never any indication they were even looking to buy us. It was just announced one morning, I would view the publicity as worrying as this isn't how they go about their business. Hope it is true though as it will be great to see another set of fans go through what we have lived for the last 10 years. Just get ready for the "where were you when you were shit" songs followed by the accusation that you only became fans in 2019!
  4. Good luck boys! Make sure Gollum is pig sick and you get third. Thanks again for your hospitality yesterday. You all were brilliant with us.
  5. To be honest I spoke to loads of your fans after the game and would hope I didn't come across as arrogant. Yes we were on top of the world, who wouldn't, but I wished you all the best and a genuinely want you to finish 3rd. Can you expand on this 3 k FA Cup attendance? Followed us for 20 years and I don't remember it!
  6. Not the best as above. But CHAMPIONS. Thank you though as you were brilliant with us in the Leaze stand. Quality fans and good luck at Everton.
  7. Cheers fella. From the looks of some of the posts above I reckon we might be in for a hard time in your end! Oh well, if we do manage to scrape the 3 points it will be worth it! Can I just point out though. You boys have been in exactly the same position as us. Relegation, no trophies etc. and yes we dropped lucky with the Sheikh. But it could have been you. He asked 4 premier league teams to pitch for the investment. We ultimately won because of the available land to develop and because Manchester is easier to access. Villa lost out because of the land around the stadium. Spurs lost b
  8. Cheers pal but there are 16 on our minibus. One of your fans on Bluemoon has just suggested Fluid Bar. Good shout?
  9. No probs mate. I was just interested to read earlier in the thread that you didn't believe City fans would go in your end, and thought I would share what we were doing. Any ideas on a pub for after our game to watch the Swansea - United game? Want to watch it before heading back to Manchester.
  10. We had been watching previous games and when United game went to general sale we knew we would be ok.
  11. We knew it would probably come down to this game and that we wouldn't have enough loyalty points to get tickets in our end. Put yourself in our shoes. Potential title decider and the only way to see it is go in the City end. Might cost you 40 quid to join the City membership scheme but you would get to see you beloved Newcastle win the league. Exactly. No brainier isn't it and that is why we'll be sat in your end.
  12. me and 4 mates joined your membership at the turn of the year. We are in the Leazes end. Won't be wearing colours or being nobs but can assure you that we won't be the only City fans in you end. There are also a group of 10 I know who booked a box a while back.
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