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  1. From that thread you mention is this pearler... http://www.readytogo...1&postcount=130 Now, I'm not sure if this Sir Ricky character is an undercover mag, but if not, there's some major Irony right there. As far as the obsessed argument goes, as much as I call them it enough, I'm probably not the best one to question it, given the Twitter account. However, I would argue that I'm one person who has managed to find, literally hundreds, nay, Thousands of posts showing Mackems discussing/obsessing about NUFC - yet they simply throw back the fact I have that account as some sort of justification. Its getting fun at the moment like, with them being higher up the table. All crawling out of their shells now, like.
  2. Remember our old mate 'Uncal Mick'? Well, he finally accepted my friend request on FB, and I've added some of his pics to the FB page below... enjoy! http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=oa.379530755436930&type=1 Here is a selection though... @yourservice, please do your worst!!
  3. @Masterplan_1978 3 years ago today Alan Shearer relegated the mags.What a fucking day and night that was. I doubt anything will ever top that day. #safc #FTM
  4. We're back.... http://www.facebook.com/groups/367806159942723/ Had to make it a closed group, to avoid mackems infiltrating and getting it closed down again, but just click the 'join' button to be added. Most of what was on the previous page is there, and once a member of the group, you can post and comment, if you like.
  5. Bah, the FB page has been taken down - one of the Micks (or a relative) must have complained.
  6. Basic Mick Allan's lass has had the bairn.... its a boy.... and yes, its called 'Michael Allan junior'.
  7. Ha ha, according to 'Basic' Mick Allan's FB feed, his lass is about to have a bairn. Whats the odds on it being called Mick if its a boy, or Michaela if its a girl?? Saying that... the thought if them (in)breeding is scary!
  8. Ha ha, from the notifications on the FB pgae, it appears that Basic Mick Allan liked the page last night, but he doesn't anymore. I'm guessing he thought it was a genuine appreciation page too, until he started looking at some of the pics.
  9. Ha ha, thing is, you'd rather have Gypo's camped opposite your house than them idiots!
  10. Here is an open folder off someone elses account called 'uncle micks photos' - some have already been done, but there may be some others too... http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.1381329462953.2052581.1523434052&type=3
  11. After the 'Brucey' banner pics emerged, I remember seeing a link to one of their FB profiles posted somewhere for 'Basic' Mick Allan. Most of the pics are open to look at but some are only to 'friends'... he accepted my request. Also got accepted by 'Owa' Mick too. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/mick.allan.5 http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/smiler322 Sent a request to 'Uncal' Micky Allan too, but he hasn't accepted yet - bet he has come gerld pictures on his profile. http://www.facebook.com/#!/micky.allan1 I have tagged them in the pics, and they have appeared on their wall, but as yet no response/backlash. There are even some of their friends commenting, saying they love them - not sure if they think its a 'genuine' appreciation page?! See how long it pans out, but the images @yourservice is producing are top notch.
  12. Get the Gear... Become a 'Mini-Mickam' https://www.facebook...63310841&type=1
  13. Some fantastic photoshop efforts @ys - keep them coming!