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  1. Look, the only problem I have is I'm scarred shiteless of that stalking cabbie. AVOs don't work, I leave the area and he's still sniffing around. YOU TRY PLAYING FOOTBALL WITH THOSE PIGLIKE EYES STARING AT YOU.
  2. Shane


    Unreleased material and b-side obviously!
  3. Shane


    Don't worry, he'll be back in black soon.
  4. Shane


    ^ How would you know? Your lot don't play until Monday night.
  5. Let some geordie lasses get their hooks into him, that'll fatten him up!
  6. Janmaat unfortunately for him is as much a victim of the useless cunt in front of him. Neither squidward nor Cabella have contributed much in the way of tracking back when playing RM and Sunday was no different, just look at how much room Rose was afforded going forward, not that thread killer, qu'est ce que c'est, would have seen that from the stadium of shite.
  7. For those into real old school electronica, Medical Records out of the States has re-releases Severed Heads first two recordings on vinyl. Since the Accident City Slab Horror
  8. Being short of cunts is one thing the scousers do not suffer from. Thankfully every "pool" supporter I know has finally shut their pie hole about how good Brendan Rogers is - they now realise they were a one player team and without horse teeth they are found wanting.
  9. Depressingly, what's Tigana up to since being sacked in China?
  10. Seriously what was he going to do? No doubt he's been told he can take it like a man or scream like CT, either way bend over.
  11. http://www.toontastic.net/board/topic/34100-mike-ashley-football-genius/
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