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  1. I would like to try this lineup tho I admit I would be a little worried defensively Krul Janmaat mbemba colo haidara Sissoko windj Thauvin de Jong Perez Mitrovic
  2. I wouldn't take him I rather have a player like wanyama who I've read isn't happy at southhampton now I doubt there is too much truth with that but a guy can dream
  3. You stay with Anita or colback next to sissoko the only reason I suggest mbemba is because I think he is an improvement over Anita or colback as a DM and he is athletic enough to at least try in the position
  4. Question for everyone if we were able to sell a few players and sign abdennour or van dijk and assuming tiote doesn't regain his form what would you guys think of starting mbemba at DM he has shown he can make great tackles he has some pace strength can fight for the ball and isn't too bad going foward but he could be out enforcer this year and next year replace colo all together. Pair him next to sissoko and that's a good physical duo Lineup could be Krul Janmaat dijk colo haidara Sissoko mbemba Thauvin windj ayoze Mitrovic
  5. We have to sell players hate to see abied go but understand the move we have to get rid of some wages players like Williamson goufrann ect. I completely agree that we need more defensive work but if this is all we buy I will say we did a great job and in January or possibly next summer there won't be a need for buying so many players all we would need is a quality cb lb if haidara doesn't prove himself this season which some think he can (I don't but I'm ok giving him a shot) and possibly 1 other position depending how everything else goes that I can see being possible doesn't strike me as imp
  6. If we don't get any players in the summer "we didn't buy how can they possibly think we can compete" We buy 5 good players "it's not enough the defense needs work We buy foreign players "they don't have the passion for the country and the epl" We buy domestic players "not good enough why aren't we going out and getting Spanish German ect. talent" We sell players "we ruined our season" We don't sell players "why are we still paying these players" the life of a Newcastle United fan lol On a more serious note we have made good signings we do lack defensively but we can
  7. Overall the signings we made have been very good especially since I feel like it's a good compromise in the way Ashley likes to do things and what Newcastle needed to do. We bought young talented players with a lot of potential they can help the team in the present and be sold for a lot of money (if they fulfill their potential) in the future it's a win win for both sides. As for thauvin I like the signing we obviously need to improve defense but are wing play was weak as well. Hopefully we bring in aymen abdennour I would also love a LB but don't see that happening unless we sell all our dead
  8. Janmaat was hurt stupid no excuses. Rest of the team lost heart especially after the red. LB needs to be upgraded and possibly a DM. If we could buy thauvin the Portuguese LB and a quality CB I would be 100% satisfied. Krul Janmaat new cb mbemba new Lb Colback Sissoko Thauvin windj Aarons Mitrovic This team could have beat Swansea alas it mite only be a dream lol
  9. I understand what everyone is saying about tiote not being match fit I agree 100% but the question I'll ask is when is the last time you saw tiote play well fit? It's been way too long though I will say that maybe mcclaren can get the best out of him but I'm just not sure. Haidara can maybe develop into a solid Lb but that will take time and I think he has a ceiling but if we get another lb maybe jetro who actually is younger I think Haidara can be a good back up and with games in the cups some leauge games and hopefully Europa next year he can still get play time CB would be good but doesn't
  10. After watching the southhampton game I think our needs are pretty clear. We need a LB, winger, DM, and CB. I don't think we need a striker with cisse Mitrovic ayoze and rivière eventually I think we should be fine. While overran played well he was played on the left when clearly he needs to be on the right besides Aarons and maybe cabella we don't have any true good wingers. Anita and colback played pretty good together but when tiote came in we went to shamble and I just don't trust him anymore. Haidara is just not up to par wouldn't be a bad back up but just not good enough for the starting
  11. Tomorrow is the big day super excited to watch real futbol again. Been thinking a lot about what the starting line up should be tomorrow and this is what I have come up with let me know what you think and what you would want/believe will be the line up 4-2-3-1 Krill Janmaat colo mbemba haidara Anita colback Sissoko windgi Aarons/ayoze Mitrovic 1. Colo haven't played and mbemba just arrived but I believe that these 2 easily are better than Taylor and Williamson regardless I will admit colo does worry me a bit 2. Anita is a good fit in this system and with the players he has shown
  12. With this season pretty much a wash i was thinking about what we moves we could make in the summer transfer market to improve the team going forward. You can post your own mock offseasons or critique others. (Please no get rid of Mike Ashley we all know that is what we need/ wont happen) I think we are going to sign Remi Garde before the winter transfer market ends. He fits the mold of what Mike Ashley wants in the "head coach" and makes sense for the club. As for the rest of this season all i hope for is to start getting players back healthy such as De Jong, Aarons, Santon and getting the
  13. I just don't get it! I understand being linked to a massive amount of players during transfer windows is normal and obviously we aren't going to sign most of them. Right now Newcastle has to buy from need not luxury we NEED strikers at the very least and yet nothing is coming to pass. Every player we have been linked to Gomis, Lassoga, grenier, cabella, Valencia, caulker, lescott, I know I missing a few have all either gone somewhere else or we have moved on because of some reason or another. What is going wrong? Is it Ashley not wanting to pay? Pardew being useless, teams/players not want
  14. First I'll say that Alan Pardew honestly should have had more control and shouldn't have "head-butted" the player. I understand the fine hopefully he doesn't get anything else to severe. Now with that being said I have no problem with what happened. Pardew reacted to being pushed and the frustration of how the player was all over our player before the ball went out. While that really isn't a excuse if Hull was winning 3-1 the player wouldn't have pushed pardew but as he was frustrated he pushed him to get to the ball. It was just the heat of the game and shouldn't be blown out of perspec
  15. So I have a question for debate. What do you guys think the roster is going to look like next season? Shola, Gutierrez, Obertan, Marveaux I think are as good as gone. Remy I don't think will want to come back. Ben arfa and Cisse I think will be strong possibilities of being sold. Coloccini is a question mark. Debuchy and Krul I feel were good enough this season to merit interest from "bigger" clubs and if offered the right price I think we will sell. If some or most of these goes through we become a very depleted team in quality/depth. Do you think we actually go out and try to bring b
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