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  1. That is a concern that our coaching staff must work on because a 4-4-2 could work,when Shearer first came to the club we had the same dilemma with Ferdinand,they were going for the same ball and making it easy for defenders.When the coaching staff pointed out certain things to them they hit it off.Good players can always adjust. As for dropping him it's a no from me as we all know what he's capable of doing and will do it again i'm sure of it.
  2. The same sacked manager is now favorite to get the Tottenham job.
  3. I like pboromag have just joined,but have no prossie stories so we'll get to know each other as we go.
  4. All of this for me but i will say he's been awesome this season and i'd have him at the Toon in a heartbeat. The yanks put Donovan up on a pedestal and yet Dempsey is by far their star man.
  5. Ahh poor floppy chops feels an injustice going on. Can't help but think there's a bit of good karma going on here as he loved broadcasting the Demba Ba clause.....prick. As for him coming to the Toon.....never in a million years...he'll not move north and we'll not pay him everything he wants which would be payed into his dogs account ffs.
  6. Boydie

    Demba Ba

    Out of all our key players it's more likely Demba will be the 1st on the list to leave this window simply because he's the easiest player to purchase.He has the release clause and at £7m with his stats especially early season he's a steal for anyone and there'll be plenty of sniffers. As for him staying,he hasn't exactly came out and said he's deffinately not going anywhere which normally means i can't get a better deal elsewhere.So he'll be open to offers and if we can't match the wages he'll be offered he'll be off as he also gets a cut of the fee which leaves us with about £3m-£4m for h
  7. His red white and blue signs are tacky enough ffs,imagine that in a strip form,that really would be the final straw and although he's sorted finances he wouldn't be able to get away with this crap.The fans would be like a pack of wild dogs after him.
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