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    I was 16 when I had my first tattoo done, unfortunately I quickly became a ink junkie. It has been quite a few years since I had one done and most of mine can be hidden if I want to.
  2. Anyone tried Marco Pierre White's new steakhouse in hotel Indigo yet?
  3. I'm really pleased Ria is ok and I will pop over to pop some money in the pot
  4. Only Admin 1, Admin 2 and Admin 6 remain on nutz
  5. Admin 6 was generally telling people to stop talking about it and leave it, whilst threatening Admin 5 that Admin 2 was fucking furious and Admin 1 would be back as Admin again in a couple of minutes.
  6. There were 6 Admin at nutz. Admin 1 was having some problems to demoted himself down to member status. Admin 1 then was abusive to Admin 2. Admin 3 put him on a 7 day ban. Admin 1 then went into Admin 2 account and deleted Admin 3's account. Admin 4 deleted his own account after this was all hushed up. Admin 5 posted threads of what had happened and Admin 2 removed them. Admin 1 returned to Admin status. Admin 1 also pretended to leave the nutz forum then made a new account and posted in the thread about them leaving. Admin 1 has also denied deleting accounts and the rest of us were pretty muc
  7. I would not say we are flouncers, an account was deleted in a very vindictive and underhand manner, we were not allowed to discuss it and certain people over there wanted it swept under the carpet. I personally decided I didn't want to be on a forum where censorship is in operation so left and came here.
  8. I would hope you don't group us all together with pedro, it was frustrating for me to see him behaving like that but the AIDS comment was a bit harsh
  9. I'm sorry I wasn't a member earlier to be able to donate but I have to say she is a gorgeous little girl and I am keeping her in my thoughts today. Big well done to everyone who raised the money.
  10. Real Name: Sam Age: 37 Birthplace: Ashington Whereabouts: Blyth Job: Housewife Favourite Club: (if Not Newcastle) Favourite Band: Rammstein/Slipknot Favourite Food: roast dinner Favourite Drink: gin and tonic Favourite Place: my bedroom Favourite Tv Show(s): Blackadder and Dallas Favourite Film: Operation Petticoat Footballing Heroes: Terry McDermott Footballing Villains: Joey Barton Other Teams: Blyth Spartans Other Sports: Horse riding Role Model(s): Grandmothers Plans For The Future: Enjoy life to the fullest 5 Things To Do Before You Die: See where my hubby was born, worl
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