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  1. Nice attempt at gaining the moral high ground Your patter stinks to high heaven man, you boring bastard.
  2. I find massive shoulders on a lass a bit of a turn off tbh.
  3. They use that tune for Norn Iron at the Commonwealth Games. Someone sang it when Wayne McCullough won gold as there was some problem with the PA system or something. It was far more moving than it would've been otherwise though.
  4. Fucking hell man She's got a body like a sack of tetties.
  5. If this kid is going to all this trouble just to wind people up he's a bit of a nutjob. If he actually believes what he says however... What an absolute tragedy either way
  6. It was a shame Carroll undid a lot of his good work with that daft free-kick. I think he's made Hodgson's decision a lot easier re: who to drop for Rooney there. Anyway, we were lucky but so fuck? It makes a change. Mind, their 2nd goal was atrocious defending by us. Unbelievably bad. On the plus side our first and third goals were fantastic finishes. I think Gerrard needs a free(-ish) role on either wing if we're going to play him and persist with a 4-4-2 (which we clearly are) as his legs have pretty much gone. You could play the same XI and swap him and Milner. I reckon Gerrard would spit t
  7. I see Fop's Scientology conversion didn't go well btw. They 'cured' his gayness, but at what cost?
  8. I only really like them on a lass's back. Small ones elsewhere are alreet. There's a Canadian porn star called Natalia Cruze (possibly a pseudonym there) who has a massive one on her back and it's lush imo. Btw, I worked with a bloke who had a Tweety Pie one on his arse. I actually asked him why and even he didn't know. Tweety Pie
  9. I don't think they're the ones laughing uncontrollably.
  10. Is Toonpack posting on Hearts board too much to ask for?
  11. Was either that or Spaniel's lugs (as a tribute to our new friends).
  12. Who the fuck's this btw? Not one of the C-U-N-T-Z lot, I'm guessing
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