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  1. If we get Carroll+Debuchy and lose no one, you can bank on it that this squad(bar multiple serious injuries) will turn themselves into a consistent top 6 team.
  2. Custom Euro 2012 England jersey with LIONHEART on the back. Very sick jersey. Looks pretty much like a polo and love the St. George's Cross theme and the simplicity.
  3. Yeah, I think Rodger's isn't the brightest tool in the tool shed. When you have West Ham thinking they have a chance you have really devalued your asset and shown your hand. Should have praised him and said that nothing is certain for anyone, but we aren't looking to move him. Someone would be bound to make an offer and you could have that leaked to the press. Teams may be these big organizations, but they feed off of each other. Rodger's really wants this guy out and obviously doesn't want to make any sort of system to fit his style of play. He wants to go for a completely modern game. He bet
  4. Have faith. He will be coming back with some major things to prove and I think all the naysayers are underrating his other abilities. Sure, he couldn't be a great on the ball player like Liverpool wanted him to be, but we can work with him. Also, if we get him expect him to pretty much be with the club for a very long time if things pan out. As much as we can say we love Cisse/Ba who knows when they will leave. Also, if you guys are serious about taking this club to the next level, then you have to realize that today's game is Depth, Depth, and more Depth. We don't need to force Andy to play/s
  5. Well, looks like everyone else in the equation for Andy were either wishing for a miracle or just using the press as a tool for another means. Unless he stays at Liverpool, it looks like he will be returning home. From what I have been reading, the fee they are asking for is not bad at all. That would still leave room for 20 million in profit and get an older more mature Andy back. I think he has learned some important lessons now and will want to prove to everyone that he is capable of being a great player.
  6. So what is your or what are your favorite Newcastle kits?
  7. Some of you guys are absolutely blinded by your assumptions and hate for him leaving the club. Do you guys not remember how good Andy was for us and how much potential we saw in him? Just because a big team threw an insane amount of money at him and didn't cater to his style of play doesn't throw all that we saw for years out the window. Use your freaking brains. If we can get a deal to have him on loan with a buyout clause we are the luckiest team alive. Not only do we potentially bank all the extra cash on his deal, but we also get this great player back. I am going to say it right now a
  8. Are we planning on becoming the next Arsenal with all our French players lol? Surely, there has to some young talent in England we can swoop up. Don't mean to sound like a Racist haha if he can play then its all good, but you still want your team to have a local feel.
  9. Man, so many rumors, I wish this would just get resolved. I obviously want him back badly, but I wouldn't want him on loan unless there was a buyout clause. Don't feel like showing his amazing talent on the big stage to only have him swooped back. He doesn't belong in Liverpool, that much anyone can see.
  10. After seeing this kit I am convinced that my next purchase will be a retro Newcastle kit. If they can't get it right now, then might as well turn to the past. http://www.toffs.com/Newcastle-United/products/1092/ there is some really sick kits there and I think I am going to go with the 1960s kit. I am tempted by the 20s ones, but wearing that outside will look like I am getting ready for a Shakespeare play so it probably isn't the best idea. Just going to throw a number 9 on the back and bam got an awesome kit.
  11. Horrid. That Virgin money advertisement has to be the worst looking ad ever to be put on a kit.
  12. I would have to find a place to do it and would have to have the proper lettering. Honestly, if he comes back I am honestly contemplating buying a vintage jersey(one from the 20s or 70s) and throwing his name on there. He is my favorite player and I despise what is going on with him at Liverpool atm.
  13. I am looking for a Carroll jersey Size M preferred, but a large will be fine also. I have been trying to get my hands on one of these, but cannot find one. I am really looking for the number 9 version, but if anyone has 24 I am willing to listen to offers. Just message me with price and note that I am American(USA) so it would have to be shipped overseas most likely.
  14. He is basically asking if there are hooligans or individual fan clubs. Like the Chelsea headhunters, Madrid ultras, etc...and most likely if there are other clubs like if there is a western england Newcastle fan club or a north newcastle or other groups like that.
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