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  1. The back is really not nice, the front but more so!
  2. I'm sorry that was the wrong department, someone can move it right?
  3. I am looking for all the products you want to give away from NUFC. Please provide all the clothing in sizes ML, but in general I look for everything, especially Stadium Magazine of league games! please write a PN. I am looking for new contacts / fans of Newcastle with whom I can talk over the Internet as Facebook! Phil
  4. the home kit is so nice, thats NUFC!
  5. I have a question, it is in the fan scene of Newcastle organized clubs or groups? I mean such as they are in Germany, most probably, the term 'ultras' to be something, there is something rather rudimentary, or not? I look forward to your answers!
  6. i hope not I certainly hope that this will happen ..
  7. what do you mean exactly? the team or the fans/supporter? or the city?
  8. I'm sorry if it is the wrong thread, but I can one buy this sweater? Would be so nice because I can not give any orders to Germany because my bank card is not accepted. I would pay for the cost, of course, like get, etc. please send me a PN. thank you!
  9. dear community! i'm Phil and i'm 16 years young. I'm a big NUFC fan since 5 years ago. I live in germany, in F├╝rth, thats the neigborcity from Nuernberg! Sorry for my bad english! I've logged on here to find new friends and like-minded, which is often in Germany with Newcastle not that easy! NUFC fan, I was by my father very often the Premier League and I was looking more and more feverish by the Goerdies with, now I love this city and their club. Unfortunately, I could still see a game live. I also have another question, I have 'only' a jersey of NUFC, maybe someone would be so nice and
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