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  1. Seeing as everyone knows I'm Alex, what am I hiding? Incidentally, you're still hilarious.
  2. You've got a cheek, with that accent.
  3. Flap

    Weather Check

    What about 'wet'?
  4. Listen to Mr. Rational Behaviour there.
  5. You shouldn't have capitalised 'autumn' and 'fall' (like 'diaper') is actually an old-fashioned English phrase which they still use but has fallen out of usage on this side of the Atlantic
  6. Can't they come up with some better names?
  7. Flap

    FAO Leazes

    Is HTL still in the SAS?
  8. He was taking the piss out of the bigots man
  9. Flap

    FAO Leazes

    Leazes in the stocks again I see.
  10. Can't believe no one pick up on the first line from Fly Fishing.
  11. Not sure what you mean there. I can only assume you're trying to be clever but if you read the next sentence you can see exactly what I was getting at, i.e. making a point about the hypocrisy of the media. So you're either so stupid you couldn't even comprehend something that simple or you're so stupid you think you've made a valid argument by highlighting the word 'but'. 'Classic' response from you either way I suppose.
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