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  1. This would be funny as fuck. Amazing if they got all the conditions they wanted and went backwards and lost their majority.
  2. Biggest surprise for me was that we even need a Foreign Secretary in our new Little Britain. Didn't know we'd be talking to anyone else. Political satire is dead.
  3. Dopey fucking cunts. They're so upset at the power Westminster has over them that they've voted to give Westminster as much power as they can possibly give them?
  4. And there's countless studies that say immigration has no effect on wages. Stop pretending it's a consensus among experts on this issue. The London School of Economics is the most recent to claim it hasn't affected wages. There are many many more if you a quick google search. As with most cases, you can find experts who have different opinions on it. There is no consensus on this. And even a lot of the studies that claim immigration has had an effect, concede that the financial crash has had a far bigger effect on the longest sustained period of wage suppression in living memory.
  5. I'm not sure how much of this I agree or disagree with. I'm thinking mostly about how out of touch I am with the middle England electorate so it's probably not for me to predict.
  6. Meanwhile the Wings over Scotland guy (who is a bit of a cunt to be honest) does have a fairly accurate assessment of Labour right now. http://wingsoverscotland.com/the-suicide-squad/
  7. CT: a question. What are the main worries about the Tories calling a snap election? I mean seriously. The Labour Party is currently slaughtering itself. It either holds together and no-one believes in it, or it splits off and has no money to campaign. What's the problem? UKIP will try and slide into that void, but former Labour voters won't vote for it, and a lot of people will see it as having served it's purpose, especially if the Article 50 button is either pressed, or has a date set for pressing by the Tory PM candidate. I think everyone is in full agreement that Gordon Brown made a colossal mistake not calling a General Election in 2007 to validate the Labour mandate. I know so much has changed, but is it not very likely that the Tories would turn their skin of their teeth majority into a strong one?
  8. No-one on the planet thought Gideon would run a budget surplus in 2018. This is the most laughable statement in this entire thread, and when history is re-written when we're nowhere near a surplus and it's blamed on the referendum result, we'll be here to point that out when your lot say otherwise.
  9. Labour is finished. If a snap general election is called, UKIP, despite the fact it now has no reason for existing, would end up making enormous gains due to the Tories having no clue what to do next, and the Labour party being a complete waste of time.
  10. What a monumental waste of time the Labour party has become. A decent amount of Corbyn's failure is his own fault. But the majority of it is the ultimate in self fulfilling prophecy from the PLP. Corbyn should resign, and then in his resignation speech throw everyone under the bus. Essentially go out there and say that the Labour party isn't fit for purpose as it's currently constructed. The Tory party should have completely fallen to pieces right now. Instead it's the Labour party that's strung itself up. What a shithouse
  11. Just catching up. So we voted Brexit and now Renton is moving next door to me? Fuck sake man.
  12. Over 62% for Remain. Every single region voted for Remain. Pretty stonking victory for the EU in Scotland. Not that it matters a fuck.
  13. Just move north of Dumfries. They're all Tory bastards. The rest are alright.
  14. Just make the Tyne the border. Newcastle can enter the SPFL and actually win stuff for a change!
  15. Sinn Fein calling for a referendum on Irish re-unification. SNP hinting at Indy Ref 2. ALL THE REFERENDUMZ ALL THE TIMEZ
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