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  1. I'm not an Italian, I live in Krul's birthplace. CleeToonFan got it right, I don't think a lot of Italians support our local club. But there is some kind of friendship with Juventus (and Swansea), though. I know you'd probably piss on Boro nowadays, but I mentioned them like more traditional rivals. Thanks for the serious answers. And to the comedians: up yours
  2. Well of course Sunderland is the biggest rival and Boro second, but are there more (maybe lesser in tension of course) rivals for Newcastle? I've read it also gets pretty heated against the Spurs, Liverpool and Man Utd.. is that true? Also, are there friendships with Newcastle supporters and supporters of other teams? Seems to happen a lot in Italy (Inter Lazio the biggest example) but not uncommon in other countries as well: Schalke Nürnberg, for example.
  3. Pff, what a goal that would've been form Cabaye. That's it lads, 1 point and to be honest I don't believe we earned anything more.
  4. Oeff Demba! I think he should've left it voor Cissé..
  5. Headshot! Haha no, bet it hurts like hell
  6. Nice piece of skill from Jonas there, haha. Nice header from Ben Arfa, too bad he didn't aimed for the corner
  7. Looks a lot better than my shit stream, thanks mate!
  8. 0-1 Clark, the cunt. I always concede that kind of goals in FIFA 12, always makes my fucking blood boil
  9. Lads, I somehow lost connection on my telly for the match. Anyone with a good live stream? I've got a stream right now but it's kinda looks like shite. Sorry if this isn't the right topic to ask about that
  10. I'm pretty sure we're not hopeless, shitty draw but it's not that impossible..
  11. I've played Slender a few times, some serious tension there. Almost shit myself when I heard the thumbing and he jumped right in front of me. Not good for the heart, haha.
  12. Really? I'm a big Zelda fan since I was a little lad. Then it's about time I played the first part, I've seen trailers of this second part and it looked pretty sweet.
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