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  1. I've heard that nurses are filthy but that's not what I had in mind.
  2. The bad thing about Ashley is that he's a cunt. The flip side of this is he's partly responsible for me giving less of a shit about NUFC than at any stage since I became aware of football. Swings and roundabouts.
  3. I wouldn't care but I've bought a new home and away top - Douglas on one, Carroll on the other - and I've binned my Tiote one.
  4. Seen the twitter pics of Nile Rangers' cousin? 21 today apparently. Jesus
  5. Do you not think he looks like a greasy, trailer park version of Lord Lucan like?
  6. Not saying it's definitely the case but I could imagine Anita being brought in because of his potential sell-on value and because he's a good player but also because they anticipated Tiote leaving and him being a replacement of sorts. It could be that Tiote not leaving for c. £20m has subsequently meant we haven't followed up our interest in Douglas and Debuchy. It hardly takes a massive leap, given some of the other shit he's pulled, to suggest this is the way Ashley's mind works.
  7. Last night 'Pards' reckoned the priority was the League (not unexpected) but he also mentioned that the aim was trying to get in the Champions League. Not being all doom and gloom because I think we still have a good side (first XI for definite) but there's nee realistic chance of that squad getting into the Champions League this season.
  8. Seems bizarre signing Anita when we're well stocked in that area. I suppose that would back up JawD's theory even more though.
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