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  1. Definitely one of them. Club is a joke now.
  2. Painfully obvious now that the plan was always to get to September doing the bare minimum. As expected as it was its frustrating. It wont be long til Pardew comes out with "Well Gouffran and Sissoko were brought forward in January, they were meant to be Summer signings, so really we have signed 3 players" It is comical now watching us being linked to Belgian defenders and Jelle Vossen on Twitter and idiots actually taking it for truth, then the press (well the Star) running with the story.
  3. Aye, he wants to come here but the agents want their money. I think if we haven't signed him by the end of next week its over and done with.
  4. He is a tease mind. I followed him on Instagram on Saturday night, within a minute he had liked two of my photos. He has then went on a bit of a spree of "liking" many NUFC photos, including one of Pardew and a mock up of him in the new kit. I think its all agreed with him and OL, and he wants to come, just agents and OL being funny with each other and causing delays.
  5. Is that the "line" we need to "get them over" behind Remy and JFK?
  6. I reckon if he gets cleared of this rape case then we will make the deal permanent in the January. Has to be an option to buy there. He has a release clause doesn't he?
  7. I've always said I wouldn't hold any grudges from January due to how good he is. If we can have a selection of Cisse, Remy, Ben Arfa, Gomis and Gouffran for a front 3 then it stands us in very good stead for the season. Imagine the counter attacks man, Debuchy, Santon, Cabaye, Sissoko, Ben Arfa, Remy and Cisse bursting forward.
  8. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11095/8855508/ QPR striker Loic Remy will undergo a medical at Newcastle on Monday ahead of a proposed loan move, according to Sky sources. More to follow. I for one hope that he doesn't stop at HMV on the way up, encounters another PL chairman and has a game of Fifa.
  9. I hope we sign Remy too mind. Gomis looks like a strong lad, but Remy is lightning quick.
  10. While I am on here, does anyone care to take a guess at how many players we have been linked with this transfer window? Don't forget to include Wayne Rooney and Kurt Zouma.
  11. Good point on Ben Arfa, I think he wanted a fresh start, but again he would have left for the highest bidder in terms of wages. I remember Emre too saying he turned down AC Milan for us.
  12. Hope we do sign Remy mind. Nothing can stop him getting the opposition box once he sets his mind to it. Seriously though, people go on about him being a money grabber. All footballers are money grabbers. Cabaye left Lille, and Champions League football, for more money. Ben Arfa too. Yes, they moved from Ligue 1 to the Premier League which would be a draw but ultimately they would not be coming for less money would they? Demba Ba chose us for money, then left for more, and we had people surprised. Imagine you were at Swansea on 20k a week, European football this season. Offers from Cardiff (with a release clause) and Fulham came in and they offered you 40k and 30k respectively, but Cardiff were offering you £500k to sign on, whereas Fulham were offering you £300k, you would be an idiot to turn down the money. If you have no affiliation to a club then you chase the money, just like we do with jobs. At the end of the day, he will score you around 15 goals a season and that is well worth the money reported by the press.
  13. The entire football league...what is Kinnear doing exactly? Is he actually bidding and talking or just sat at home?
  14. Has rejected the role of "Assistant to the Director of Football" Best news all Summer.
  15. Basically Harford coming in to level it up. Joe and Mick's opinions on players against Pardew and Carr. Wonder who Mike will back? The ones he dont will end up leaving. If we have Joe and Mick as 1 & 2 this season I sincerely hope we go down so that fat fuck loses his money and pisses off.
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